Money Saving Tips for Destination Weddings

Wedding days are one of the most awaited occasions for a woman, some of which have already been dreaming about the specific details of her wedding since childhood. This would include her fabulous wedding dress along with the lovely wedding accessories such as wedding flowers, wedding veil and wedding shoes, wedding venues and the wedding theme itself. As one among those brides who have been fantasizing about it, you may be thinking it was just a dream and could not believe it is about to happen for real.

Meanwhile, with all the specific details you have in your dream, it may require a lot of preparations and a large sum of money. Having said so, here are some tips on how to save on the expenses.


Designing or choosing your wedding dress ahead of time:

Having dreamt about your grand day for a long time, it is for sure that you have a design in mind. It could be a ball gown dress with a very long train or maybe something that will hug your curves. Either way, it would be best to look for the perfect dress at least six months to one year prior to the occasion date, as your design may require the help of a trained wedding dress designer. It is said that rushing things would be more expensive hence to be able to cut the costs for the wedding dress alone, preparing it ahead of time is beneficial.

Shopping Online or Going to Nearby Boutiques

In some cases, wherein, the proposal is abrupt, shopping online is also an option. There are a lot of cheap wedding dresses online where you can choose from and will be available within few weeks from time of ordering. It may not be the exact design you are leaning on however it could be the most similar one. If you are afraid about the exact fit, some online stores like JJ’s House, do offer custom sizing wherein you can simply send your exact measurements and the dresses will be made according to how they are shown on the website. In addition, to ease the worries, especially if you are looking for plus size wedding dresses, you may also check the nearest bridal stores in your area for you to be able to try on and be able to make sure it is the best dress you can wear on your grand day.

Booking the Wedding Venue Right after the Proposal

The wedding venue is sometimes one of the hardest to finalize. As a bride, you may have a lot of requirements for the venue. You may have been dreaming of something so magical. It could also be that you have a specific location in mind which would make everything easier as what would be left to do would be just reserving the place for the wedding day. Meanwhile, with the help of your bridal party, it will be easier to settle this concern, from finalization to confirmation of the reservation.

Picking your Bridal Party

Choosing your bridesmaids could also be tough. Questions you have in mind would include, “How many bridesmaids?” “Do I have enough budget to pay for their tickets?” With these questions, if it is a small wedding, you can simply just choose 4 bridesmaids to help you out during the preparation until the wedding is over. You may have a lot of friends you wanted to be on the list however if the budget is limited then you can just send an invitation to the other friends and have your closest ones be your bridesmaids. Inviting your friends will still mean that they are in your thoughts.

Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

If you are saving for a magical wedding day, you do not need to have the bridal shower and bachelorette party meanwhile it will still be optional. You can also ask your bridesmaids about their opinions regarding these especially if there is no enough time. You might instead use the time for preparations.

Booking your Plane Tickets

Paying for the plane tickets could be either shouldered by you, the bridesmaids or it will be shared. Regardless, it is best to book the plane tickets once the booking for the wedding venue is confirmed as the earlier you book for the tickets, the cheaper the fares will be.

Planning a destination wedding is surely expensive meanwhile the key to cutting the costs is always starting everything ahead of time. Once there is already a set date, whether it is a year away from the occasion date, preparations should co

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