Four Ways to Enjoy Cornwall with Kids

Everyone remembers a time when their parents took them out for a holiday. From spending time with your parents to seeing the world away from home, these were childhood highlights. Lucky for you, you can offer your kids the same experience by taking them to Cornwall.

Other than its beaches, Cornwall is filled with areas where your kids can have the time of their life, not to mention the bonding time you can also enjoy with them. This can be offered by the storybook-themed visiting areas and animal sanctuaries.

Here are four places to visit with your kids:

Visit the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Cornwall has something to offer every visitor, according to Duchy Holidays, and seeing seals in the Cornish Seal Sanctuary might be enough to spark some ideas in the heads of your kids. It is one thing to see the seals from afar and another to actually interact with them up close. Sign up for up-close meetings with the seals and even get to feed them.

Other than offering them the fun of such interactions, this visit will help your kids learn more about sanctuary work and the role they play in protecting endangered species. This can be a great lesson on the need to care for wildlife while infusing the experience with some fun.

Visit the Museum Of Witchcraft and Magic

Does your kid value films like Harry Potter? This might be just the place to create some memories with your kids. The museum houses the largest collection of mesmerizing witchcraft artefacts that will keep your kids interested for at least two hours.

You can also learn the different origins of the bizarre items, each having its own tale. Not only can this offer them some answers on how the world of magic developed in the past, but it can also spark some creativity in your kids as it widens their perspective of the world.

Follow the Trebah Garden Trails

Nothing beats the comfort that taking a walk as a family offers. You will not only get to know your kids better, but you can also let them learn more about your life and how you handled different stages. Lucky for you, the Trebah Garden – one of the top 100 most beautiful gardens in the world – will offer you the serenity to have such conversations.

It typically looks like a garden from the storybooks with enormous champion trees blooming in winter, ancient magnolias and rhododendrons beautifying the landscape in spring, leafy gunnera sprouting in summer, and hydrangea spreading over the pond in autumn. The area offers a picture perfect view which can be ideal for your holiday photos.

Visit St Michael’s Mount

The island of St Michael’s Mount will bring to life any fairytales that you have ever told your kids. Its main attraction might be the hilltop castle. Walk through the ancient corridors with your young ones as you explore both ancient war armor and learn more about the legendary giant and King Arthur. You can also enjoy some peace in walking through the lush gardens that welcome you into this fortress.

To complete the journey, visit the ancient village in the mainland which rhymes with every fairytale story – from having a local pub to featuring close houses. If you are lucky to visit the area when the tide is in, you can easily sail there. The stories that your kids can take back to school with them will be nothing more than a representation of their unmatched experience.


You might visit Cornwall to escape daily pressures but you will definitely stay to enjoy the diversity of stories it has to offer. The above areas are just a tip of the iceberg with regard to what it can offer you and your kids. Consider visiting it to enjoy bonding with your kids and take some part of its rich background home.

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