Why it’s worth choosing a hostel over a hotel when staying in Paris

Paris is one of the most exciting cities to visit. As a result, the city receives millions of visitors each year. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of strain on facilities where many people find difficulties in finding good hotels for accommodation.

Luckily, Paris has some good hostels where you can get accommodation.  The good thing is that, Paris has some good hostels where visitors can find alternative accommodation. Hostels offer much more than hotels and visitors find themselves enjoying a stay at these facilities. Below, we will look at why choosing a hostel in Paris over a hostel is a noble idea.

Better value for your money

One of the reasons why people choose a hostel over a hotel in Paris is because they come at cheaper prices. With a hostel, you can cut on your accommodation costs and instead, use the money for excursions, trips or even extending your stay in the city. In addition, hostels have options that enable you to make further money savings. With a hostel for example, you can share a large dorm room with friends thereby share out the costs. Nevertheless, if you are comfortable with spending more money, hostels have private rooms that come with extra comfort and amenities.


One of the reasons why people go for hostels is because they get to interact with other people. Unlike a hotel where you check in and stay in your room, a hostel offers a platform where people can interact with one another. Normally, hostels in Paris have happy hours, hostel dinners and walking tour events that help people interact with one another. This is important for it enables travelers to gather important information about Paris. On the other hand, you can stay in a hotel and not get an opportunity to talk to any one other than the personnel.  

Make your own food

Hostels in Paris normally come with a self-serve kitchen. This means that instead of going to the dining hall, you can opt to make your own food. This comes as a big convenience for travelers who are not comfortable with the food that is being served at the hostel since they can make the foods that they love. Furthermore, you have a place to store snacks and other food supplies that you need in the course of your stay in Paris.  On the other hand, having your own kitchen can enable you to save money on food.

Tour recommendations

Although hotels offer advice on places where you can visit in Paris, hostels have staffs who are primarily dedicated to that. The staffs have maps that will direct you to popular places in the city, great food recommendations and if you want, these professionals can book local tours for you. In short, the hostel staff is there to ensure that you have the best Paris experience possible.  

Additional amenities

Generally, Paris hostels feel more like a home than a hotel. This is because, the hostels have common living space similar to living rooms that allow guests to connect and interact with one another. Also, there are hostels that will offer you with game rooms, working rooms and even gymnasiums. All these places can enable you to meet new people.  

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