Top Places to Visit in Asia

Over 60% of the world’s population lives in Asia. This means that only about half of the people on earth get to see all the beautiful things that this continent has to offer. From white sand beaches to fantastic sights, luxurious accommodations, and vibrant cultures, Asia has something in store for everyone who visits. Here are five places, in particular, that will compel you to visit this continent.

Hong Kong

Until 1997, this beautiful collection of islands was under British occupation. However, since then, it has budded into a beautiful part of China, while still maintaining features known as unique to it. One of those is Victoria Harbor’s dazzling light shows.

Packed with lots of different cultures and culinary experiences, Hong Kong is the perfect place to go to experience China for the first time. Speaking of culture, museums fill this metropolitan city, giving a healthy dose of history to tourists and travelers. All of these, and much more, make it one of the best places to go to experience what it means to live in Asia.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most visited cities in all of Asia for many reasons. From its beautiful and relaxing beaches to its many holiday villas, this archipelago has a lot in store for everyone who travels there. Visiting the shores of this island presents you with many activities, from diving and snorkeling to kayaking. Add this to its famous sights like Mount Batur and the Sekumpul Waterfall, and you have an island that everyone should visit at least once.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo isn’t just the capital of Japan. It’s also the most energetic of all its cities. Its fast-moving pace and bright nightlights make this city alive, and that energy is contagious to all who live there. Besides the dazzling lights and impressive architecture, Tokyo also has enough to make you slow down and stand in awe.

There’s the Kabuki Theater, which gives visitors a healthy dose of history wrapped in dance and music, and then there are the cherry blossoms in the spring and the picturesque way they shed their petals.


There’s so much to see and love about Israel. Right from the borders of the country, you’re pulled in by the fantastic beaches. As you move onto to the core of the country, you’ll find that there’s much to be discovered in this country.

Beginning with the holy Jerusalem which is key to the Christian, Islamic, and Judaist faith, Israel is filled with cultural and religious energy. Moving on to the more fashion-oriented scenes, there’s no better way to enter Israel in Style than to visit Tel Aviv. It’s teeming with magnificent architecture and incredible fashion options.


It’s challenging to find a city in the 21st century that retains a healthy blend of the natural and architectural landscape. Singapore not only combines these opposing sceneries, but it does it in a way that makes you wonder why the rest of the world hasn’t figured it out by now.

However, there’s even more to see within the buildings of Singapore, as you’ll observe the moment you walk into the National Museum of Singapore. Within its walls are years of history, arranged into easy-to-follow and straightforward portraits and sculptures.

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