Essential Gear Every Outdoorsman Needs to Have

From backpacking to camping and mountain climbing, outdoor activities are incredibly fun for those who love them. Each of these activities has the essential gear you’ll need to own if you’re serious about them. For example, campers need tents, and hikers need hiking boots. But then, what about all the gear in-between? If you’re an outdoorsman, check out these five items, and see if there are any ones you need to go out for and get immediately. On the other hand, if you’re developing some interest in being an outdoorsman, this list can help you figure out where to get started.


Backpacks are incredibly useful gear you can use to store your things. Some would even argue that they are the most critical outdoor gear because without backpacks, where would you keep your compass and knife? While school kids also use backpacks, you should probably get slightly more heavy-duty kinds for camping and hiking.


A compass is an indispensable tool to you as a great outdoorsman because it can guide you and make sure you always find your way. Bad alternatives would be mobile apps and high tech GPS receivers. Besides the act of roughing it, these ‘gismos’ just can’t beat the real thing. This is because the outdoors can be unpredictable, and you’ll need reliable and trustworthy equipment and not makeshift gadgets. Although a simple alternative may be to use the sun as a guide, it often requires a lot of mastery to do effectively. You’re better off just getting an optical compass.


These are more relevant to hiking than any other outdoor activities, but it’s still a great idea to have them as an outdoorsman. Boots with sturdy soles and a rigid body are best here. Also, boots that ride higher up on the leg are usually preferable to lower ones because they offer more support and comfort. Finally, it doesn’t hurt if they are waterproof. In fact, All Things Waterproof, from tents to water-resistant clothes, are recommended for outdoorsmen.


Knives are multipurpose tools that are useful for everything – from slicing up vines to clearing a path, and to cooking a meal while camping. No outdoor kit is complete without a knife. Unlike some other gear, many people prefer to carry their knives where they can easily reach them, like strapped to their legs, for example. An upgrade from a simple knife would be a lightweight hatchet. These are usually stronger and can be used for more tedious tasks like gathering firewood and cleaning game. Whichever way you choose to go, a sharp and pointy piece of steel is essential to the success of your outdoor adventures.

Water bottle

Some would say that water bottles are for children, and the proper term is insulated drink container. Whatever you choose to call it, these are vital pieces of gear, as they allow you to stay hydrated even under the most severe conditions. If you ever decide to try hiking or mountain climbing, it’s imperative that you invest in an excellent insulated drink container because it won’t only keep your water safe and contamination-free, but it will also regulate its temperature, making sure you don’t get cold water in the winter and boiling water in the summer. Here you can select the best water storage container.

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