How to prepare your trip before going to Kenya

Travel to the “home of the safaris”

Most travellers head to Kenya to join a safari. This exotic way of experiencing the Kenyan wilderness is something most people have on their bucket list. With its 54 national parks and game reserves there really is no better place to head to when it comes to encountering some of the world’s mightiest animals in their natural habitat. Alongside the opportunity to visit the “Big 5” it is also possible to enjoy such experiences as air balloon rides, cultural tours or simply soaking up the scenery while lounging around the different camp sites. Before you travel to Kenya there are certain rules and restrictions that travellers need to be made aware of. Kenya is a magnificent place to visit but it is also home to dangerous animals and a different ecosystem than most visitors are used to. In order to not sub come to any preventable illnesses or eat food that are not necessarily suitable for sensitive stomachs, some suggestions as to what to avoid are often welcomed. There is also some administrative practical information that is important to know about before heading to Kenya. For instance, a tourist visa for Kenya is almost always a necessity and it’s important to read up on any travel regulations that might be relevant.

Before you visit the “Big 5”

Visiting Kenya will most likely require you to obtain a tourist visa. In an attempt to facilitate foreign travellers, this is now possible to obtain online. This means that there is no more queuing at embassies or consulates, instead travellers fill out an online visa application form before travelling to Kenya, then receiving their approved visa via email prior to departure. Applying for an e-Visa to Kenya is possible for 141 countries and the full list may be found on official websites online where it is also possible to find information on eligibility and requirements. Filling out the application form only takes approximately 20 minutes if all additional documents are in order such as passport and an eligible debit or credit card. Once the online visa application process is completed and the visa has been approved, the visa will be sent to each individual traveller via email, the e-visa should then be printed and carried as a travel document alongside your passport. It is possible to apply, should you be eligible, for three different types of visas to Kenya. A single-entry visa may be issued for tourism, business or medical reasons and for full disclosure of rules and regulations regarding visas to Kenya, it is best to seek information via official channels.

Before you go

Kenya is an incredible destination with spectacular views and magnificent wildlife, a trip to always remember. If you prepare yourself in advance with the right travel documentation, including an e-Visa, as well as read up on relevant rules and regulations you will be set for an adventure of a lifetime. Just don’t forget to keep your hands inside the safari truck when exploring the wilderness.

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