10 Weekend Activities to Do with Your Family This Summer

It is easy to get wrapped up in your busy schedule and fall behind on family activities. Fortunately, family fun doesn’t always need to be an incredibly well planned out excursion. Here are a few weekend activities that you can try out as a group this summer:

  1. Visit Your Local Fire Station

Many fire stations arrange visitor tours for families. School-aged children and preschoolers alike will find this field trip fun, although those young enough to still love playing with their toy trucks find it especially exciting. Meeting some real live firefighters and seeing actual fire trucks will be something they’ll remember for their whole life.

Bonus Tip: Consider baking cookies for the hardworking firemen and women as a thank you.

  1. Throw a Backyard Bubble Party

Summer is the perfect time to transform your backyard into a colorful bubble party. Purchase some bubble mixture or create your own with a recipe you find online. All that’s left to do is gather straws and cups to make bubble wands, and you can wow your children with huge bubbles they can make right at home.

Bonus Tip: This is the perfect time for taking memorable photos and videos. When there’s a bunch of water around you, you also should take extra measures to protect your phone with premium designed iPhone cases. All of the loving pictures and videos that you take will be preserved.

  1. Build a Fort

Who doesn’t enjoy a good blanket and pillow fort? Grab your extra blankets, pillows, sofa cushions, and chairs to build your kids’ dream secret hideaway. Spice it up by adding in some toys and books and you’ll see just how long your children can play inside their new magical hideout.

  1. Cook

Throw on some aprons and prepare snacks together as a family. Cooking together is a great bonding and learning experience that can be cleverly disguised as fun. Younger kids can use their reading skills to explore new recipes and their developing math skills for measuring ingredients.

  1. Root for the Home Team

Go to a sporting event as a family. This doesn’t mean you have to buy season tickets, just try a local minor-league baseball event or city swim meet. Your kids will enjoy the exciting atmosphere.

  1. Family Four-Square Tournament

What you’ll need:

  • A large rubber ball
  • Chalk
  • A safe space to play in, such as your driveway

Draw a large square on your driveway and divide it into four smaller squares. With one person standing in each square, the goal is to hit the ball into another player’s square. If the ball goes out of bounds then the player who hit the ball is out, and someone else can advance into their spot.

There are different variations of this game that can be found online, but it is a classic that is sure to be fun for all ages.

  1. A Casual Movie Night

While going out and doing new things is great, it is also necessary to take some time to relax and unwind together. Try turning your living room into a movie theatre complete with snacks and popcorn, beverages. You can even review the movie together afterwards.

  1. Outdoor Painting

Bring your little artists outside to exercise their creative energy by painting outdoors. Bring some banner paper and kid-friendly paints. Set aside plenty of time to explore your own creations. You never know what you’ll come up with!

  1. Volunteer

Volunteering is a good way to teach your children good values and how important community involvement is. Spend time at the animal shelter, local museum, or national park. Most organizations have a youth engagement initiative, and will be happy to get your kids involved in group volunteer work.

  1. Stargazing

Get comfortably set up in your backyard and spend some time stargazing. The fresh air before bedtime can even help your children sleep longer.

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