Valldemossa, A Place You Must Visit in Mallorca

If you’re following some models on Instagram, you are probably aware that Mykonos is the dreamiest travel destination at the moment. You can see the beautiful white houses and the trendy beaches which are so Instagramable, and you can see celebrities enjoy the yummiest Greek cuisine. You’re dreaming of finding a nice beach hotel in Mykonos and spending the best time of your life.

Sure, the places celebrities go are really tempting, and you should visit them the first chance you get. But did you know that there are places in the world that are worth visiting you never heard of? These places are affordable, provide you with mesmerizing views and are actually close to you!

One of these places we recently discovered was Valldemossa, half an hour ride from the capital of Palma de Mallorca. This is a quiet place, often skipped by travellers who go to Mallorca, yet capable of providing you with the most memorable vacation.

Valldemossa – Why a Must-See?

Valldemossa is a rural town, a village in the mountains of west Mallorca that capture the old-world charm. It is set in the most idyllic valley in the Tramuntana mountains.

Its clay-coloured stone houses are set against a vivid green background, surrounded by olive, almond and oak trees, perfectly contrasting the clear blue sky above.

On its picturesque streets live not more than 2,000 people, so it is a top destination if you’re up for a quiet, relaxing vacation. The best part is that not many tourists know about this place, so you won’t get in crowds as you do in Barcelona, for instance, therefore, you can feel its calming atmosphere. When you enter the town, you see the doorways lined with multi-coloured flowers and plants, and as you go further and further, you see the little café bars, restaurants and shops. There are several art galleries you could enter, but the place is known for the Carthusian Monastery, the Real Caruja, where George Sand and the iconic virtuoso Chopin used to spend the winters.

A Real Heaven for Nature Lovers

One cannot find the right words to captivate all the beauties of Valldemossa. But to give you an idea, we should mention that Valldemossa is a popular place for nature lovers, especially hikers. Considering it is in the midst of the Tramuntana mountains, there are myriad of trails that lead hikers’ way through the wooded hillsides before they reach the summits and enjoy the panoramic views over the Mediterranean and Mallorca.

Travellers trying to escape the touristy beach resorts on the island are opting for Valldemossa since there are several charming little hotels within the town, old manors and boutique-style cottages.

Considering it is the perfect place for sitting back and relaxing with pastry and warm drinks during winter and a tasty paella with a cold glass of wine during summers, soaking up the scenery of tiny little flower and plant-covered houses and the green from the mountains, make sure you visit it next time you’re in Spain. You won’t regret it, that’s for sure.

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