Top 6 Restaurants and Markets to Check Out in Jerusalem

No one can’t deny that when it comes to culinary offerings, Jerusalem and the rest of Israel can compete with any first-class restaurants in the world. This is why it’s only necessary that you check out these top five restaurants and markets when traveling to this side of the globe. And what better way to get around the city than to book a car rental in Israel.

Best Places to Wine and Dine

Here’s a short list that will help you navigate your way through Jerusalem’s gastronomic maze.

  • Touro

This Mediterranean restaurant is headed by Chef Benny Ashkenazi. It is located at the heart of Mishkanot Sha’ananim, a historic neighborhood that overlooks the Old City walls and the Tower of David. It is inside an old Jerusalem-style structure near the Mishkanot guesthouse, a place popular to artists and intellectuals. Touro has a soothing atmosphere that complements its menu, which is made up of meticulously concocted dishes that include fresh meat and vegetables. They also have the richest wines on their menus.

  • Lechem Basar

If you’re a fan of kosher and contemporary meat, you will definitely love Lechem Basar’s simple yet exceptionally mouth-watering menu. You will find this cool dining place with luxe décor and intimate seating at the First Station Complex. It boasts an urban ambiance and an uncompromising quality in their dishes, which are a mix of fresh and superb quality meats, vegetables, and other ingredients.

  • Machneyuda

Machneyuda was named after the Mahane Yehuda marketplace, where it is located. It is the masterpiece of three world-renowned local chefs, Yossy Elad, Uri Navon, and Assaf Granit. Aside from the eccentric and light design of the restaurant, its menu changes according to the marketplace inventory and the chef’s mood.

  • Machane Yehuda Market

Drive your car rental Israel to what is known to be the largest market in Jerusalem with over 250 vendors, Machane Yehuda. This extensive place is worth visiting if you’re looking to find fresh produce, spices of every kind, cheese, honey, meat, and freshly baked goodies. Surely, you won’t leave with an empty stomach or hand after visiting this market.

  • Mamilla Market

This open-air mall is located outside the Jaffa Gate of the Old City. Expect a different kind of shopping experience here in Mamilla Market. Here, you will find upscale shops, quaint cafes, inviting restaurants, and captivating facades and architecture.

  • Old City Market

This old shuk or market of the Old City is where you will end up as you stroll along the winding streets of this part of Jerusalem. It has plenty of stalls where you can test your haggling skills for anything from religious items to food.

Travel to these fascinating places easily with a car rental Israel. You’ll have more freedom to go anywhere you want than to join a group tour.

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