What To Know About The Canada eTA

Are you planning a trip to Canada in the future? If so, you need to understand what hoops you’ll be required to jump through before you can enter the country. The truth of the matter is that it will all depend on the country that you’re traveling from. However, some tourists will need to obtain an electronic travel authorization or eTA.

This has simplified things and made it much easier for tourists to visit the beautiful country of Canada. Below, you’ll learn a great deal more about the Canada Electronic Travel Authorization.


What Is It?

First and foremost, you should learn about the basic fundamentals of the eTA. What is it exactly? Well, it is nothing more than a type of licensing that gives you the ability to enter Canada via air. However, you should know that the document is only available and acceptable for people from certain countries. Therefore, you might not need it. Below, you’ll learn more about this.

Who Needs It?

Now, it is time to find out how actually needs the eTA. In general, it is solely designed for visa-exempt foreign nationals who will be flying into the country. If the foreign national is going to be arriving in Canada by boat, train, car, or bus, they will not need the documents. Simultaneously, lawful permanent residents of the United States will also need to obtain this document. For these individuals to enter Canada, they’ll need to have a valid passport, Green Card, and eTA. These documents will be presented to the airport staff at check-in.

Who Can’t Use It?

Remember that some people will not be able to use the eTA to enter Canada. This would include Canadian citizens. These individuals would need to obtain a valid Canadian passport. Simultaneously, dual American and Canadian citizens will not be using it. Instead, they’ll need either a Canadian or United States passport. Permanent residents of Canada should obtain a permanent resident card. Alternatively, they can use a permanent resident travel document. Either way, there is no need to obtain an eTA.

Who Is Exempt? 

So, who will not need to submit the Canada visa application? People born in the United States are exempt from the eTA requirement. Instead, they’ll need to bring proper identification. A United States passport will do the trick. There are several other exceptions but this is the most common. If you would like to check out more, you can always visit the country’s official website.

Where To Apply 

Ultimately, there are plenty of great places to apply for a Canada eTA. For instance, you can use any website that you find. However, the official website of the Canadian government recommends using their website online. When you visit the official Government of Canada website, you can fill out the form online. It will only require a few minutes of your time. You should receive approval within a matter of minutes. This will come in the form of an email. However, the process can be delayed sometimes. If this happens, you will likely need to provide supporting documents.

Remember to always obtain your eTA before attempting to book your flight. Failing to do so could result in big problems in the future. An eTA will cost you 7 Canadian dollars. And, you’ll only be able to apply and pay for a single person at one time.

Avoiding Mistakes

Unfortunately, a lot of people make mistakes on their visa application. This is something you’ll want to be very careful about. After all, making a mistake means that you’re going to end up delaying the entire process. First and foremost, you should slow down. Do not rush anything. Rushing means that you’re going to be much more likely to make mistakes. Take your time and fill out the form as accurately as possible. You’ll also want to double check the form when you’re finished. This is the best way to ensure that the document is free of errors and that you’ll get your eTA in a sufficient amount of time.


Getting an eTA isn’t too difficult. However, you should make sure that you actually need one first. You might not. Either way, it is vital to obtain an ETA before you book your flight. Otherwise, you may arrive and be turned away.

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