Scratch-Off World Map: Fun Travel Map

If you love to go to different places around the world or if you’re just interested in geography, this scratch off world map is a fun and engaging way to learn about and discover different cities and countries around the world.  It is also a great tool to plan your trip. It features detailed maps with accurate cartography set against a dark background so the places stand out. All of the US states, Australian states, and Canadian provinces are also clearly outlined so that you can easily mark your road trip or your visit. This high-quality map also features the flags of different countries.

The best thing about this scratch-off map is that it’s hands-on. You can use the special guitar pick scratchers to scratch off the golden foil to reveal the country on the map. You can also attach the memory stickers to mark your travel memories.  It’s a nice way to remind you about the places that you visited around the world.

With its patented easy scratch technology, this map is convenient to use. It allows precise and easy scratching. It also looks great right after you scratch because this Wanderlust world map poster has a special protective layer that retains the quality of the image even after scratching. Underneath the gold foil, there is a protective layer that doesn’t leave scratch marks all over.

With dimensions of 61 x 43 cm, this colorful travel map looks great when pinned up on your wall. You can now easily see the entire map and see the places that you have been to or the countries where you plan to go to next. It’s also a great decorative item and you could also use it as an educational tool.

This scratch-off travel map is also perfect for teaching kids about geography. Kids will enjoy scratching off places on the map and placing the memory stickers. They will also likely retain the information when they discover countries this way.

This scratch-off map is a great gift to give to your friends or loved ones who are keen travelers. If you’re planning to give this as a gift, it comes in a personalized tube packaging with a special tag name.

Whether you’re looking to showcase your travels or if you just want a wall décor that’s a guaranteed conversation starter, this scratch-off travel map is a great choice.


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