Great Money Travel Hacks to Reduce Theft Risk

Many people travel for recreation and rest. But if you become a victim of theft while you’re far from home, your good vibes can immediately turn bad.

Here are some things you can do to keep your money safe and reduce theft risk.

Hide Your Money Well

Travelling requires money, everyone knows that. But, if you’re a big spender, it’s best to keep your cash to yourself. Flashing around cash everywhere you go makes you a great target for theft. Avoid taking out your wallet from your bag; if you need to pay for something, pull only the amount you need.

This way, bad people won’t know how much money you have with you. If possible, pay in the local currency. Showing foreign money even if the establishments accept it, can easily make you stand out and be a potential target for theft.

Use this similar technique for your debit card. When withdrawing money from an ATM machine, keep your card hidden in a money belt. Ensure that the area is well-lit and that there are no suspicious-looking bystanders around before inserting the card into the machine.

Use Your Credit Card Wisely

If possible, don’t use your debit card abroad. If you lose it, you may lose all your funds, too. If the bank decides that you’re not responsible for the loss, it can take a long time for them to release your funds.

Credit cards are popular for their convenience. This Amex gold card review talks about the perks and benefits you get for signing up. Aside from convenience, credit cards are helpful for people who are always on the go. However, caution should always be practiced when using the card.

Always monitor your cards so you can immediately report to the bank in case anything gets lost. Most credit card companies have apps or secure websites where you can track your spending and set up notifications of your purchases. This way, it’s easy for you to know if someone else has your card information.

Be Careful When Taking a Cab

Be cautious about evil taxi drivers, who may cause trouble if you’re not smart enough. Always note the cab number before getting inside so you can easily find or report it in case you accidentally leave things behind.

If you placed your luggage in the trunk, wait for the driver to get out of the taxi first before getting out. There are some reports about taxi drivers who just drove off without giving their passengers their luggage. Never ask the driver to wait for you if you leave some of your belongings behind.

Prepare A Dummy Wallet

Be ready with an old wallet with outdated credit cards and a small amount of cash inside in case anyone holds you up. Chances are that they won’t check what’s inside the wallet since they’d want to get away quickly.

Keep Valuable Things in a Separate Bag

You can easily lose your valuables if you leave them in your main luggage as you’d usually leave it in the baggage compartment on trains and buses or the hotel lobby. To avoid this, you can keep your valuables in another smaller bag, which you should always carry.

Keeping Your Things Secure at the Hotel

If your hotel has a safe, it’s better to store your valuables including your passport or cash in it. But if there’s no safe, you’d have to think of another secure place, which shouldn’t be your wallet as that would be the first thing a thief will look for.

Many hostels have a locker, which you can use. However, it would be better if you bring your own lock as they may not provide you one. If the locker comes with the hostel’s own lock, it’s also difficult to know who has copies of the keys.

Final Thoughts

You may also want to know more about your destination before leaving home. This will give you an idea of what travel issues you’ll expect upon arrival and develop strategies you can implement. Being dubious about everyone won’t help you but it’s also good to know about basic procedures and safety guidelines.

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