Getting to Dammam

King Fahd International Airport is the name of Dammam’s airport. It is widely considered to be the largest in the world in terms of its area – around 780 square km. It comes as no surprise then that getting to Dammam is not difficult. Airline company Emirates regularly flies to the airport and provides high quality service, so this is a good one to look out for.

Before coming it is wise to assess the saudi arabia visa requirements. It is vital that you have a passport when trying to enter, unless you’re from the visa-exempt Oman, UAE, Kuwait or Bahrain. It is also worth checking out if you’re from one of the countries that they outright refuse to accept entry with due to diplomatic tensions.

Share Al-Hob market

The traditional market is home to endless stalls and sellers who offer a variety of colourful and well-crafted products. This is certainly where you want to come for a souvenir, but it can offer genuinely authentic Saudi goods. The most common goods you will come across is clothing, jewellery and perfumes. Those with an eye for crafts will appreciate how well stitched the products are, as well as the incredible colourful patterns.

It is also perfect to dive into home-cooked food, which in Saudi is known for its burst of spices and flavour. It’s a great introduction to what is commonly consumed and you can get the fresh ingredients to cook yourself – there is a lot to learn.

Dammam beach

Dammam is home to many sandy beaches. These can be a great get-away from the busy city center, and the bright sunshine and hot weather makes a beach day-out a great choice.

The Half Moon Bay is arguable the nicest beach in Dammam. The white sand and semi circled bay are two reasons why it is the most popular beach around. There is a plethora of marine life to see, with an amusement park nearby perfect for children.

Coral Island is the original beach of Dammam that was intended for tourists to visit and relax. It has a grand lighthouse and serves as a great spot for fishing. Climbing up the lighthouse provides an amazing view of Dammam and the coastline.

Othaim Mall

It may not be a naturally developed landscape but Othaim Mall is an impeccable work of architecture. It’s shaped like a cruise ship, and it certainly resembles the size of one. It is absolutely the best place around to go shopping. It has all of the key big brands to browse around in (Monsoon, Accessorize etc), as well as a kid zone on the top floor which has an abundance of arcade games to play.

If you get hungry whilst navigating around the large mall there are many small restaurants to eat in, where you can try both traditional Saudi food as well as more generic global fast food.

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