How to Pack Bulky Winter Clothes for Your Cold Weather Vacation

Are you planning to go on a cold weather vacation this winter? Make sure you click here to learn how to pack bulky winter clothes in your suitcase.

Packing for a cold trip in the near future? You need to carefully devise the best plan to organize your bulky winter clothes to ensure that everything you need to stay warm will fit properly. Cold winter vacations mean you must have a few thick layers of clothing, but that also means making the most out of the space inside your luggage. Keep reading to discover the best tips for packing winter clothes. 

1. Wear the Bulkiest Layers of Winter Clothes on the Plane

One tip to remember as you pack up for your cold adventure is to keep out your heaviest and bulkiest items. These are the items you will be wearing on your body when you board the plane to save as much space as possible inside your luggage for other clothing essentials. Ideally, down jackets for men and women are worn on the body instead of packed away inside your luggage. 


By wearing your bulkiest jackets on the plane, you can store as much as possible inside your luggage, even if you only choose to pack a carry on suitcase. Heavy jackets will no doubt take up plenty of room inside your luggage, so keep these pieces to the side while you pack up shoes, long sleeves, pajamas, undergarments, and personal hygiene products. 

2. Find Luggage Packing Cubes

When you consider traveling somewhere in the cold weather, you must assume packing thick wool socks and boots will help you tackle the climate. Packing cubes will become your favorite purchase for traveling as soon as you order them online or pick some up from Target.


Most packing cubes are under $30 and include a few different sizes for optimal storage. Choose the packing cubes you like based on color preference and price and gently fold your clothing inside the cubes when you start the packing process a few weeks prior to take off. Try to find cubes with zippered containers that give you a safe storage option to hold onto everything from your hiking boots to your wool socks and beanies. 

3. Less Is More!

People who love to overstuff their bags really need to break down exactly what items are essential and what items are not. Packing for a cold environment takes time to determine the difference between an essential item, such as thick fleece leggings, versus a few sweaters.


All you should pack is one sweater for the duration of your travel. Wearing the same clothes over and over again is definitely acceptable, especially in colder climates. Consider the “less is more” method when you approach packing for a fun winter getaway this year. Travel experts believe that you need to downsize the number of bulky items you try to smush inside your luggage. You also don’t want to face any unexpected fees if you travel with a heavy suitcase! Some airlines can charge you up to $50 if you go over the checked bag carrying limit


These are the top 3 tips for packing heavy winter clothes in your luggage. Need some recommendations on what to do when you arrive at your destination? Check out our long list of free city guides to learn more about what to see and what to do when you land in a brand new place. 

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