New Annual TEFL Factbook Released

TEFL – or teaching English as a foreign language abroad, is one of the fastest growing education fields on the planet. There is a call for English teachers across the globe and becoming a TEFL teacher is becoming an extraordinarily popular career for people wanting to see the world and to live in their favourite destinations

With so much information online regarding becoming a TEFL teacher the prospect can at first appear daunting. The TEFL Academy has recently released a free TEFL & travel guide for over 100 countries detailing a whole array of different things including living costs, culture, weather, average salaries for TEFL teachers and even some useful facts.

Rhyan Sullivan, Managing Director of the TEFL Academy explains “This definitive guide is so beneficial to TEFL teachers since it covers all the key facts they need to know when deciding which country to teach English in”

We’ve put a small info graphic together for you below detailing the top destinations for teaching English abroad along with some facts and figures – we hope you enjoy the guide.

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