5 Destinations That Must Top the List for Every Wildlife Lover

There aren’t too many things that can match up to the thrill of spotting a rare animal species while driving through the thick forests surrounded by nature. And that’s what makes safari holidays so special.

Not only do they help you unwind but also serve as a vital catalyst in strengthening your bond with nature since you get to witness and appreciate nature in its purest form. If you too are one of those travelers who loves exploring wildlife, check out these 5 safari holidays for wildlife lovers that must make it to your travel wishlist:

1. Okavango Delta in Botswana

Due to the sheer diversity of wild animals in Okavango Delta, it is lauded as one of the most rewarding safari experiences in the world. An unrivaled density of wild animals migrates into this dry and drought-driven area in thousands, increasing your chances of spotting the maximum number of animals in just a single trip. This area is a glittering oasis filled with several opportunities to make your safari holiday an epic experience! What sets this safari tour apart from the others is that the visitors are given the option of going on a safari tour on either an elephant or a horse. This makes it possible to explore even the flooded regions of this area which are otherwise impossible to access by jeep. You can even  witness the rare wild animals while streaming in the water by hopping on the Kubu Queen Houseboat. Exploring the area through a dugout canoe offers a unique yet memorable experience. Once you are done with the activities for the day, you can head towards the luxurious lodges of Moremi Game Reserve to enjoy a comfortable night stay amidst wildlife.

2. Ranthambore Park in India

While many of you may assume that the best wildlife safaris are concentrated only in Africa, there are several other interesting wildlife parks in the other regions of the world as well. One such wildlife park which never fails to amuse visitors is the Ranthambore Park in India. Ranthambore park is located in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan and was formerly a popular hunting ground for the royals. Here, you can expect to get a unique experience of exploring wildlife while simultaneously catching glimpses of historic ruins in the midst of the wilderness! This wildlife park is renowned for the large number of tigers it is home too, housed by it. Only a few visitors per trip are allowed in this wildlife park and they are taken around the park on a huge open-sided truck to avoid getting strayed away from the main paths. If you want to get access to the private jeep tours, make sure to book your stay at any of the lodges inside the park. On these private tours, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide to help you spot as many tigers as possible. Other than the tigers, marsh crocodiles and majestic leopards can also be spotted in Ranthambore park.

3. Ongava Park in Namibia

When you think about Namibia, images of the Skeleton Coast and the red desert dunes would pop into your mind. However, what many visitors in Africa tend to overlook is the fact that this place is also home to Ongava Wildlife Park which is known to offer an incredible experience of exploring wildlife. The trailblazing and authentic experience of a safari tour in Ongava offers the opportunity to spot wild elephants, one too many lions, and rhinos. If you want a more personalized safari tour experience, you must plan a stay in the Ongava Camp. This camp is located at an elevated perch which allows undisturbed viewing of the wildlife in the reserve. This camp accommodates some of the most luxurious lodges with infinity swimming pools and log fires which help make your safari trip to Ongava Park a memorable one. Another national park in this area which is worth visiting is the Etosha National park.  

4. Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park was one of Africa’s favorite safari tours until it suffered political isolation for a brief period in the past. Eventually, with time it has regained its popularity and is back on the tourist map. With the anticipated decline in Mugabe’s influence, the best guides of the country are storming back to this park, thus validating the possibility of safari tours being resumed. One of the best lodges where you can stay during this safari tour is the Linkwasha Camp which is located in its own private section inside the national park. This way, you can access the vast plains of the park and view the hotspots of Africa without the hassle of pushing your way through the crowd. Gonarezhou is another national park in the area which was previously off-limits for tourists owing to the presence of Mozambican troops. You can stay at the Singita Lodge to get undisturbed views of the surrounding wildlife. While there, don’t forget to visit Victoria Falls!

5. Yala Park in Sri Lanka

When it comes to viewing the wild animals in their natural habitat, Yala park of Sri Lanka is one of the best choices. With at least one leopard present in every square kilometer of this national park, your chances of witnessing a leopard in Yala park are pretty high. Another national park which is close to Yala park is UdaWalawe park. This park is situated close to the country’s capital and must be visited by every traveler who claims to be a wildlife enthusiast. Even though this national park lacks in terms of diversity of wild animals, it makes up for it by accommodating plenty of elephants. After a tiring day of exploration, head to Chena Huts for a distinctive night stay. This lodge is located on Yala Park’s fringes and offers magnificent views of the parkland. When you opt to stay in the luxury pavilions, you can enjoy relaxing in the private pools and witness incredible views of not just Yala park but also the nearby beaches.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you must be dreaming of heading to these safari destinations already. So, what’s stopping you? Just  get started with planning for your next exciting vacation with your travel buddies and get your travel gear ready. We assure you, you’ll have the most unforgettable holiday ever!

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