7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Make a Bucket List

A bucket list is a checklist of sorts of all the things that you want to do and have not done yet. There are many reasons why this bucket list can be the best thing that happened to you. Here are just seven reasons why.

  1. The bucket list tells you what you want- imagine the process of writing the bucket list. Your mind wanders, you think about the things and sights you want to do and see. And then you begin to write. In the process of writing, you add, remove, edit. If you take your time with it and are genuinely interested in writing a bucket list, the process of doing this alone will tell you what you truly want. For example, perhaps everyone is hanging out in Ibiza, but what your heart may actually want is a hermit-like retreat in the Kopan monastery of Nepal. Bucket list ideas won’t let you fake it or follow the herd.
  2. It tells you who you are- the previous point leads us to the second one. If you prefer a monastery experience, what does it say about you as a person? This might be a revelation even to you. Maybe in your everyday life you are a gregarious person, who is the life of the party. Perhaps you have a demanding job with a lot of entertainment requirements. Adding an unlike you list item on your bucket list is telling you something vital about you. Listen. It is telling you that you crave silence, and solitude and meaningful interactions. You’ll be surprised at how much the putting together of a bucket list can speak about your own deep cravings.
  3. The bucket list creates anticipation- what’s life without some excitement? The bucket list helps create that excitement, even if you can’t make the trip right now. That’s the whole point of the list. It’s an escape from your quotidian existence. It gives you something to look forward to and creates a fire in the belly. Anticipation is almost always delicious and the bucket list taps into that extremely well.
  4. It helps you get organised about saving- yes, you may not always connect mundane things like saving money with the sheer possibilities of a bucket list, but this is a point to consider. One of the benefits of a bucket list is that it helps you plan ahead. If you want to see the Northern Lights, for example, or any place at all, you have to do your research. This means flight tickets where prices are determined by the season in which you travel. You also need to foresee expenditure in permits, documents, rentals and accommodation. Perhaps you’ll require special clothes for the duration of your stay. Having a bucket list, knowing that a long-cherished dream can come true with effort from your side, will motivate you to save money and to be careful about unnecessary spending.
  5. It gives you new experiences- the point of the bucket list is that you do something unique. Hence people choose radical ideas to go on their list. Maybe they want to white water raft, when the most they’ve done is paddle boat in a calm sea. Some want to trek up iconic mountains, when their actual exposure to the same is a leisurely hike up the neighbourhood hill. The bucket list will open up a world to you and give you experiences like never before.
  6. A bucket list makes for great conversations- who can deny the magic pull of travel? What the bucket list does for you is make you an even better conversationalist. Talking about the things you want to do with a receptive audience can surely help plan. It gives you focus. At the same time, you may get some leads or contacts to help you along the way.
  7. It motivates you to get fit(ter)- even if your bucket list is a slow one, you know that a holiday experience requires you to be in good physical and mental shape. That’s what a bucket list does- it pushes you to concentrate on your well-being and take steps to get in shape for the epic trip ahead. This has lifelong, long-lasting benefits.

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