How to Store and Share Your Travel Content

If you’re a travel blogger, photographer, or just about any type of travel content creator for that matter, you’ve likely run into the issue of how to store and share your travel content. If you’re anything like me, you’ve amassed a collection of thousands upon thousands of precious photos, videos, documents, and other irreplaceable files. But then come the questions of what to do with them, how to safely store them, and how to share them with others. The answer to each of those questions is quite simple: use Dropbox.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage system that is perfectly suited for travelers or anyone who has important files they want to keep safe. With this powerful service, you can back up any file or folder by uploading it to your Dropbox account to store and share your travel content.

A free account for an individual gives you 2 GB of storage space, while a premium individual or team plan afford you 2TB or more of storage. If you have a large team, you don’t have to worry about storage limits at all—an Advanced team account will provide you with unlimited space!

Syncing with Dropbox

After you have signed up, you can sync your Dropbox account across multiple devices, including your work computer, smartphone, and home computer. This allows you to save a new version of a file on one device and continue working on it on another. This feature is a lifesaver when I’m traveling and need to access a file that was initially saved on my home computer!

Safety and Security

When you upload any file to Dropbox, you can rest assured that it is perfectly safe and secure. Dropbox backs up all of your files multiple times. If anything happens to one of your devices—maybe you lose it somewhere or it gets stolen—never fear. Dropbox allows you to remotely delete all of your files from that device so no one else can access it. Meanwhile, your files are still safe in the cloud and available on your other devices.

Restoring and Rewinding Files

As a traveler who sometimes works with multiple versions of the same file, Dropbox is, yet again, a dream. If I accidentally save a version of a file that overwrites a better version, or worse yet, accidentally delete something I wanted to keep, I know Dropbox still has my back.

Dropbox saves every version of every file, so I can easily go into my file history and find the version I’d rather keep. For deleted files, all I have to do is go to the Dropbox website and restore the deleted file within 30 days (your time period for file recovery is longer if you’re using a Professional or Business account).

Have you ever accidentally deleted multiple files with no way to get them back? I can’t be the only one, right? Well, with Dropbox, you can use the Rewind feature to restore a folder (or your entire account) to any time within the last 30 days or longer, depending on which plan you have. I can’t tell you how often these features have saved me hours of work!

Sharing on Dropbox

You get the point. Dropbox is a fantastic, innovative cloud-based storage system that is designed to keep you efficient and save you a lot of headaches. But did you know that Dropbox can do more than store your files? Yes, Dropbox does even more. You can also use the powerful service to store AND share your travel content with others! This is perfect for people who use Dropbox for their business.

With Dropbox, you can share anything you have saved with anyone—yes, ANYONE—even if they don’t have a Dropbox account of their own. Sounds pretty nifty, right? But you might be wondering why you can’t just use standard, good old email for that. Well, you can use email for smaller files, for sure. But let’s say you want to share a video, a folder, or a presentation that exceeds your email service’s size limitations.

Thankfully, Dropbox has a wonderful workaround for that. All you have to do is send a link to the files you want to share to the person you want to share them with. The file or files can be as large as your Dropbox storage quota. You can also make the link accessible only by password, set an expiration date for the link, and disable downloads.

Sharing Safety and Features

Using Dropbox to store and share your travel content is also safer than using email to send files to others as attachments. With email attachments, you can easily put your entire system at risk, but that risk doesn’t exist with a Dropbox link.

From your Dropbox account, you can control how much access your friend has. You can set it so they can simply view the file, or if you’re working on a joint project that requires their input, simply click the option that allows them to make edits. It’s simple and so efficient!

When you store and share your travel content on Dropbox, you’ll get real-time updates on who’s working on what. If someone you’ve shared a file with edits, adds, renames, deletes or moves anything, you’ll see it and be able to keep track. If you’re working with a large team, this makes it easy to see who made which changes and when. Any changes someone makes will be synced for everyone who has access to the file to make the collaborative process smooth, organized, and easy for everyone involved.

The Bottom Line

Dropbox is so much more than just a cloud-based storage service. If you are a travel content creator like me, who has to keep thousands of files organized across multiple devices and has team members who need to access them, Dropbox is the service you’ve always dreamed of. It’s powerful, safe, efficient, organized, and user-friendly, and is, hands down, the best way to store and share your travel content.

This is a sponsored post for Dropbox. All opinions are my own. Dropbox is not affiliated with nor endorses any other products or services mentioned.

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