Great Tips for Taking a Trip to Berlin

You’ve packed your bags and you’re about to head off on a trip to Berlin. Now that you’re planning to travel to the capital, here are a few tips to help you have a really relaxing time and make the most of your holiday.

Reaching the Heart of Berlin

Before you travel to Germany it is best to know where you are heading. There are two main airports in Berlin. Tegel is to the northwest, and Schonefeld is on the outskirts of the city to the southeast. There are four regular bus routes from Tegel to the city center and there are the options of two trains, the RB14 and the RE7, from Schonefeld, as well as driving routes on the S-Bahn S9 and the S45. Work out what district you need to get to so that you can work out which train or bus to take.

If you are coming by rail, then you will arrive at Berlin’s central station or Hauptbahnhof. There are great public transport connections from this, so it is easy to get to your destination. Use the S-Bhan, bus, tram or U-Bahn to get to your accommodation. If you expect to be using public transport a lot, the Berlin WelcomeCard is a good idea. This gives you and three accompanying children up to 14 years of age unlimited access to public transport in Berlin for the duration of the card’s validity.

Culture in Berlin

Berlin is relaxed and generally friendly. This is reflected in everything from their dress-code to their social scene. You don’t have to worry about packing an elegant evening dress or suit. You can dine in high-class restaurants while wearing casual clothing and you won’t attract a second glance.

Berlin residents are quite laid back. This can come across as being slightly ‘rough’ sometimes. They are more blunt than some people are used to but the honesty comes from a good place and people do have a good heart.

Tips for Stress-Free Sightseeing

You can save time and money if you buy tickets for popular sights online. This is a particularly good idea in the Reichstag, which is a free attraction, but one that requires you to register in advance.

You can purchase tickets for the TV Tower and other attractions online, too, which means that you get to skip the queues when you get there. Take advantage of the Going Local app for your smartphone and you will learn about the best events, restaurants, and sights, and can get out there and explore places that the average tourist would most likely overlook. It will save you time, stress and money, and lets you see the real attractions in Lichtenberg and Spandau.

A Safe and Family-Friendly City

Berlin is a great place for families. It is very safe, with intercom systems, cameras, and emergency call stations all over the place helping you to reach out to public safety officers at any time of the day or night if you have concerns. It’s easy to get home from the suburban districts, even late at night, and bus drivers are willing to do in between scheduled stops to save you from walking if you ask them for help.

Berlin does see demonstrations throughout the year since it’s a capital city. Demonstrations can cause bus lines to be rerouted, so always check the timetable before you travel. If there’s a demonstration while you’re in the city, try to go around it rather than through it, so you don’t get split up from your party.

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