5 Reasons You Should Check Out Pearl Harbor from Maui

The Hawaiian Island of Maui has so much to offer! Great food, fantastic outdoor activities, and a great place be your central hub as you take day trips to other islands. If you’re visiting Hawaii, a must see place to visit is Pearl Harbor. 

Getting to Pearl Harbor from Maui is easy! Whether you hop on a short thirty-five-minute flight from Kahului, or even taking a full day to travel by boat, an inter-island transfer is simple. Even though it’s a simple trip, why should you take the time?

Here are five reasons why you should definitely take the trip on your next holiday to Maui!

One: See More of Hawaii

No matter where you’re going in this beautiful island chain, seeing more of Hawaii is something everyone who visits would like to do! There is so much to do in Hawaii; traveling with the best footwear for your volcanic hike, swimming at the base of a waterfall, enjoying a luau, taking in the tourist hot spots! 

You can spend the day at the memorial, and then you can travel throughout the island of Honolulu! You can even extend your trip to even last a day or two! There are so many things to experience in Hawaii, and one of the best ways to see more is traveling from island to island.

Two: Honor the History

One reason that you should definitely check out a day trip to Pearl Harbor from Maui is to take in the historical significance of the site itself. As the site of one of the most memorable attacks during World War II, Pearl Harbor holds a significant place in history. Visiting the memorial, honoring those who gave their lives for their country, taking in the true meaning to be there, is an excellent reason to spend the day at Pearl Harbor. 

Be certain to book a tour that will take you through the U.S.S. Arizona and the U.S.S. Missouri battleship memorials. Not only that but be sure to take your time immersing yourself in the information at the local museums. 

Three: More than a Memorial

As historically meaningful as the U.S.S Arizona Memorial is, Pearl Harbor and the area directly around the national park is filled with fun things to do! Here are just a few things that you can include with your Pearl Harbor Tour Package, or explore on your own: 

  • Oahu Circle Island Tour
  • Oahu Helicopter Tour
  • Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center
  • See the Pacific Aviation Museum
  • See the Ford Island Historical Trail
  • And so much more!

Your trip to Pearl Harbor is so much more than visiting a memorial. Pack your best carry on luggage, make this short trip from Maui a priority, and get excited about being able to do so much! 

Four: The Great Outdoors

Not only is Pearl Harbor in an absolutely stunning location, but it is surrounded by a wide variety of outdoor activities and adventures. You can choose to take a tour around Pearl Harbor, then pack up for the afternoon and take on Diamond Head with a long hike! You can bike through the local trails. Not to mention you can walk through the Pearl Harbor historic trail along the shores of the island! 


Five: It’s an Easy Trip!

One of the most important factors to consider when thinking about a day trip to Pearl Harbor from Maui is that it’s a sweet and simple trip! It won’t take three weeks to travel to the memorial. You won’t have to wait for several hours to walk through the historical sites. 

It’s a short journey that allows you to experience the history and the culture around the Pearl Harbor area without that much hassle. So, whether you’re traveling with your family, or looking to start a travel blog, visiting Pearl Harbor should be the top of your Hawaii to-do list!

Finding Your Way to Pearl Harbor in Maui

Hawaii is an absolutely stunning place to visit on holiday. There are so many reasons why you should visit Pearl Harbor while vacationing in Maui! Take a day out of your next trip to Hawaii to explore Pearl Harbor and the surrounding areas.

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