Sports Travel Tours: Cricket, Football and etc

It is not a secret that sports fans are the most devoted people in the world. They are ready to follow their team down under to see them play live and cheer them up. Whether in soccer, football, basketball or cricket, the fan’s devotion remains off-limits. Some entrepreneurial picked up on this and created something very special for the fans — a tour to all the matches of the season. That is how the sports travel industry started to develop and grow.

In this article, we will look at the sports where touring is flourishing. We will also discuss what these tours actually offer and why they are such a proven success. So if you are interested in this, stay with us to learn more!

How Did Sports Travel Tours Become a Thing

One of the main sports, where tours are a common thing, is cricket. This favorite of all the British Commonwealth countries is surely responsible for the cross-ocean flights of fans all over the year. But there is nobody to blame for this as cricket is a fascinating and exciting game. It’s always interesting to search for info on cricket leagues and matches on and other dedicated portals with all its most recent news and cricket updates.

The main reason why cricket is such a flourishing field for tour organizers lays in the origins of this sport. Being spread from the British Empire to some of its states in the 18th century, it became a sport that is played by cross-ocean teams. For instance, one of the most important series in Test cricket is the Ashes played between England and Australia. This obviously implies lots of traveling between the two countries which is the reason for the development of sports tours.

For the next few seasons, there are already tours in place for the following games:

  • New Zealand 2019: for the matches between New Zealand and England in the period between November and December;
  • South Africa 2019-2020: for the games between South Africa and England. These games take place from December 2019 to February 2020. This is a nice chance to also celebrate New Year’s Eve in South Africa;
  • Sri Lanka 2020: to see how Sri Lanka plays against England in March 2020;
  • India 2020 and 2021: covering games of India versus England for September-October 2020 ODIs & T20s and January-February 2021 Test Series;
  • The Ashes Series 2021: Australia plays against England in November 2021 – February 2022.

Together with cricket, football also plays a prominent role in the sports travel industry. For this sport, fans have to travel mainly within Europe which makes it both easier to organize and visit. Given that all flights within Europe take up to 4 hours, a company of fans could travel all over the place to see their team playing for rather sound prices.

What makes such football tours stand out though is that organizers take care of all the aspects of traveling. From buying your flight tickets to setting up sightseeing activities, tour agencies are usually fully responsible for your smooth traveling experience. It is like going to an all-inclusive hotel somewhere in Turkey where your only task would be to enjoy the time spent there.

So, if you are up for an adventure like a cricket tour to Australia or a football tour somewhere in Europe, make sure to check the dates for the upcoming games and plan it! In the end, we only live once and touring with your favori

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