Top Places to Go Camping Around the World

Planning on the most epic camping trip? Maybe you’ve camped at all the top sites in your country and are looking for the next big adventure. We’ve got you covered there, mate. If you are looking for your next outdoor adventure outside of the country, you have come to the right place. We have compiled six of the best and unique camping sites in the world.

We compiled this list based on camping locations that offer a vastly unique experience from one another. Each of the entries in this list provides something superbly unique to outdoor enthusiasts. So, without further ado, here are the top places to go camping around the world.

  1. Yosemite National Park, California

The vast wilderness that the Yosemite National Park offers is a camper’s dream. Miles and miles of the rough country away from civilization. Don’t expect to see any buildings or cars within this sanctuary so would-be campers are advised to come prepared.

Backpackers will have several areas to venture into from Glacier Point, Half Dome, Yosemite Valley, and Yosemite Falls. Those who wish to bask underneath the star-filled night sky should pack all necessities and research the hiking trail they want to go through. Take extra care as well and follow the park ranger’s advice as black bears are quite common around these parts.

  1. Stewart Island, New Zealand

Stewart Island is free of charge campsite that encapsulates the majestic and immense beauty of New Zealand. You can choose to either camp by the shore in one of its beaches such as the Port William or Maori Beach. If you prefer to have a more traditional camping experience within the woods, North Arm is a perfect spot for you.

Campsites are all tourist-friendly as well with shelters, toilet, and water tanks installed within designated areas. Campgrounds are open all year-round. But the best season to go is during autumn and winter when the weather is typically good for outdoor activities and is considered an off-season for tourists.

  1. Sahara Desert, Morocco

Looking for a more exotic camping experience? The Sahara Desert might prove to be the perfect location for you. While the campsites are all prepared with options ranging from basic encampments to luxury inns, the area and culture will be more than enough to satisfy your adventurous soul.

The trek to the designated campsites will surely be an experience itself as you will most likely be using camels to venture into the unforgiving desert. But once you reach the campgrounds, which provide the traditional nomadic aesthetic, the rough journey will be well worth it. Ever wanted to experience the awe-inspiring unique desert sunrise? The Sahara Desert will ensure that, and more.

  1. Outback Australia

Miles and miles of countryside with scattered deserts, rivers, and wide-open plains, Australia’s outback is among the top destinations for any outdoor enthusiast. The vast Australian outback can be quite merciless though, so prepare, research, and plan out your trek carefully.

For the most authentic Australian camping experience, go with the sleeping bag route over your tent. We cannot stress enough how beautiful the Australian wilderness is, but it is also equally dangerous. Always notify your friends and families where you are heading and your location. We also advise you to bring extra supplies and the reliable satellite phone as it can be quite easy to lose your way in the outback.

  1. Miyajima Island, Japan

The island of Miyajima is a relatively beginner-friendly campsite that showcases the signature serenity of Japanese culture. As getting to this island is quite easy with a boat ride from Hiroshima, you can bring a compact camping air mattress along for optimum comfort.

The island offers several temples to visit with a peaceful and almost other worldly stillness with its wilderness. As a bonus, the island is also well-known for its domesticated deer population for animal lovers who wish to get up close and personal with these hoofed mammals.

  1. Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan

Looking for something that will deliver a one of a kind camping experience? Why not camping nearby a place called Door to Hell crater? As ominous as the name of the crater is, it is one of the most stunning natural occurrences in the world. It is a crater filled with natural gas and has been burning since 1971, non-stop.

Camping around the crater at a safe distance will provide you with one of the most breathtaking sights. Once the sun goes down, you will fully be able to appreciate the beauty of the burning crater at night. Generally, autumn and spring would be the best time to visit Darvaza Gas Crater as the weather is typically agreeable during this season. You will also be avoiding the peak tourist season once summer hits.

Final Thoughts

There are dozens more unique and exotic camping spots around the world that didn’t make this list. Each entry in this list offers something exquisite and unique to the table. These are qualities that push all six to the top of the best campsites around the world. Remember, preparation is vital whenever you go camping. Research the area and always follow the rules set forth at the campsite.


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