8 Things to Do in Autumn in St. Petersburg

The idea of ​​coming to St. Petersburg in the fall is not so crazy. Yes, the weather can change at any time but a special charm appears in parks and suburbs in the autumn. Some people who are interested in art love the bad weather because it is ideal for exploring museums. Unlike summer days, the streets of St. Petersburg are not so crowded. Isn’t that perfect?

We have selected for you some more interesting activities for the autumn in St. Petersburg. Choose what best suits your preferences.

  1. Visit revenue houses

Revenue houses of St. Petersburg are real works of art. These are apartment houses in the style of northern Art Nouveau and eclecticism that amaze with their decor or functionality. Looking at them, you can understand how more recent architectural styles appeared.

  1. Take a walk around St. Petersburg

Palaces with communal apartments and courtyards are the most recognizable feature of St. Petersburg. The residents don’t stop discovering them while walking, and the most curious people book special excursions. It’s a good opportunity to feel the spirit of the city and find out how modern people live in historical buildings of the centre of St. Petersburg.

  1. Climb the roof

Roofs and observation decks are another recognizable feature of the city. You can see the most important view of St. Petersburg. The famous skyline will allow you to see even those attractions that are at a great distance. And of course, watching sunsets on the roof is especially nice. 

  1. Visit Hermitage museum

You have a great chance to explore the main museum in Russia. You would have to go to the Hermitage every day for more than 2 years to see all the exhibits. Therefore, it is better to approach the choice of eras and halls for your visit as consciously as possible: you definitely will not have time to see everything at once. But not only masterpieces of fine art are deserved your attention. The halls of the museum, the former ceremonial halls of the Winter Palace, are also self-sufficient masterpieces.

  1. Take a walk through the parks of Peterhof

Peterhof is beautiful even after the end of the fountain season. At this time, the park won’t be so crowded, and you can see the exquisite palaces, enjoy a walk in the park and feed the squirrels. You can book the Peterhof Palace Private Tour and make this walk more informative. Go to the neighbouring Alexandria Park and look at the snow-white Gothic chapel.

  1. Tsarskoye Selo

Walking around Tsarskoye Selo, which is located in the city of Pushkin, is especially interesting in the autumn. At this time, you can see the nature and beauty that inspired Russian poets. You can visit the Catherine Palace and the restored Amber Room, as well as stroll through the picturesque park and feed the ducks.

  1. Learn everything about the tastes of St. Petersburg

Find out where vegetarians, chefs and lovers of exotic products buy tasty and cheaply. Visit the market in the centre of Petersburg, don’t be afraid of it, choose carefully and learn how to bargain with local sellers. Appreciate the skill of restaurateurs of St/Petersburg in one of the restaurants on Rubinstein Street.

  1. Take a photo walk 

There are a few things to do in St Petersburg but the photo walk is perhaps the most popular entertainment. In autumn, every place becomes especially picturesque, and people in a coat look exquisite to match St. Petersburg architecture. If the weather is good, arrange a photo walk: you can walk in beautiful places and get photos. This walk can be the most interesting day during your vacation.

Going to St. Petersburg for the autumn holidays is a favourite attraction of many tourists. Even though the weather may not be as welcoming as the inhabitants of this beautiful city, it is not a reason to cancel your flight. St. Petersburg is surprising in its diversity. It is equally beautiful in all seasons, especially in autumn.


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