Bon Appetit! 9 Foods to Try Next Time You Visit Paris

There’s lots to look forward to when planning a trip to Paris, and one of those things is the food. Click here to learn some dishes you need to try when abroad

Are you planning a trip to Paris?

No trip to the City of Light would be complete without experiencing the fantastic cuisine.Of course, there are so many amazing foods to try in Paris, you’d have to spend years in the city to try everything there is to offer. Chances are, you won’t be there that long. But here are nine dishes that should be on your must-try list.

1. Coq au Vin

If you’re old enough to remember Julia Child, you probably remember this quintessential French dish. She was the one who popularized it.

Coq au vin is chicken braised with wine, mushrooms, pork or bacon, onions, mushrooms, garlic and occasionally a drop of brandy.

2. Escargots au Beurre Persillé

If the thought of eating snails doesn’t exactly excite you, then close your eyes and pretend these delicious little morsels are something else.

Because the French really know how to do snails. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re cooked in butter parsley cream.

3. Flamiche

If a puff-pastry crust filled with veggies and cheese is your thing, you’ll love flamiche. The traditional filling is leeks and cream, but you’ll find variations.

There’s a flamiche that doesn’t have the top crust which is more like pizza. And version from southern France has a thin crust and is topped with onions, olives, and anchovies.

4. Galettes Bretonnes

What is a galette, you ask?

It’s a savory buckwheat crepe traditionally filled with ham, cheese, and eggs or andouille and onions. But just as with the flamiche, there are now more varieties.

If you’re heading to Paris with a tour company, ask them to point you toward the Tour Montparnasse neighborhood for the best creperies.

5. Cassoulet

Cassoulet is the ultimate French comfort food.

Originating in southern France, this peasant dish is composed of white beans stewed slowly over time with pork or duck. But it’s not unusual for the chef to use sausages, mutton, goose or whatever is in the kitchen.

6. Raclette

You can’t go to Paris and not partake in all of the amazing cheeses.

Interestingly enough, one of the best is Raclette – which is actually from Switzerland. This rich and creamy cheese is melted and served with potatoes, onions, pickles, and cold meat.

7. Steak Tartare

You may not be looking for raw meat on the menu at your favorite pub.

But in French pubs, steak tartare – thickly minced raw beef with spices and egg on top – is a mainstay.

On the bright side, it’s usually served with pommes frites, or French fries.

8. Chocolate soufflé

Maybe you’ve had this airy, egg-baked dish outside of France.

But the French have it mastered. Served both sweet and savory, the chocolate version has a crispy crust and a creamy chocolate center that’ll return to you in your dreams.

9. Tarte Tatin

If chocolate isn’t really your thing, try this uniquely delicious French apple tart.

This single-crust “pie” is cooked upside-down in a skillet which gives the crust a buttery and caramelized sweetness. And it’s pretty to look at too.

So Many Foods to Try in Paris

As we said before, with so many truly delicious foods to try in Paris, you’ll never be able to get to them all.

But if you try even just a few of the above dishes, you’ll begin to appreciate the many culinary wonders of the city.

And for more travel tips extending to every part of the globe, keep checking back with our blog!

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