Why Every Travel Blog Influencer Needs a Tiny House on Wheels

As a travel influencer, nothing beats the freedom of being able to travel on a whim. You get to see new places and share new experiences with your followers every day. But, that’s not always possible when you have a mortgage to think about. Living in a regular, stationary house can also limit the number of jobs that you can accept as a travel blogger.

That’s why the tiny house movement is growing at a rapid pace within the travel influencer community. The best part is, even if you don’t know, Tiny Living Life has tons of in-depth resources on how to build a tiny house yourself. Additionally, there are lots of experienced tiny house builders who are willing to do it for you.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to live in a tiny house if you’re a travel blog influencer:

–           Cut travel costs:

With a tiny house on wheels, you can travel pretty much anywhere at a fraction of the cost.  Simply fill up your tank, get a map or let the road lead you.

From there, you can park your tiny house in the most picturesque destinations and enjoy million-dollar views for next to nothing.

Every day you’ll take your shoes off and sink your feet into sand or soil, depending on where you’re parked. Plus, you can have as much natural light as you like to make blogs and take Instagram-worthy pictures that’ll set you apart from the rest.

–           Increased freedom:

Most influencers choose the path of creative expression because it’s far removed from the normal, corporate lifestyle. Your working hours are shorter, and you have the freedom to do things that inspire you every day.

A tiny house gives you the opportunity to do work that really matters to you and have fun while you’re at it!

–           You can design it in any way you like:

As the old saying goes, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and the limited space of a tiny house on wheels can really get the creative juices flowing. There are so many features that you can incorporate to maximize your space. From pull out tables to futon sofas that turn into spare bedrooms; and pull-out drawers that provide “hidden storage” all over the place. The sky’s the limit!

–           You incur less debt:

A tiny house is an opportunity to create something that you can call your own without getting into debt. Most units cost between $5, 000 to $50, 000 depending on how large or sophisticated the design is. Living tiny can also lead to reduced living costs.

This frees you up to enjoy your income and save up for even more epic trips around the world.

–           They’re self-sufficient:

A tiny home is often the fastest way to self-sufficiency. First of all, it takes fewer materials to build as most units are constructed from used shipping containers or converted van vehicles. Tiny homes don’t need as much energy because of the small space. Your waste output is also reduced due to having fewer possessions.

Most tiny house owners tend to live off the grid as well. This encourages a sustainable lifestyle where you use solar-powered appliances, compost toilets, and harvested rainwater.

–           Give meaning to life:

The great thing about a tiny house is that sometimes it forces you to scale down and live a more minimalist lifestyle. After all, you can only fit so much in a small space, so you end up only keeping items that have meaning to you.

Most tiny house bloggers have a story for every piece of furniture, accessory, and clothing item they own. That gives more meaning to their lives and it also means that you’ll have interesting stories to share with your followers.

In a nutshell

There are many benefits to owning a tiny house on wheels when you’re a travel blog influencer. You get to live life on your own terms and you can travel to unique destinations that you wouldn’t ordinarily explore.

All told, tiny homes are proof that you can be happy no matter what size home you live in. With the right combination of color and interesting elements, you can create a sense of space and functionality in any tiny house.

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