10 Best Areas to Live on the Northside of Calgary

Calgary is a beautiful city located in the heart of Alberta, Canada. In the recent past, the city has had an influx of people relocating to it. As a result, it is the largest city in Alberta. It is also the fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada, according to the 2016 census.


Relocating into a city as a new person can be strenuous. It becomes even more difficult if you don’t have a reliable and trustworthy mover. Also, deciding on the best areas of Calgary to live in can be another puzzle. However, this article comes as a solution to all your moving problems. You will find herein the best areas to live on the Northside of Calgary. Also, Matco moving services are there to sort out all your relocation needs to and in Calgary.

  • Arbour Lake

If you truly treasure a suburban family-oriented community, this is the place for you. There are only a handful of lake communities in Calgary, and this is one of them. Life around this man-made lake is undoubtedly lively and fun.

  • Banff Trail

It is located on 16th Avenue North West of Calgary. The most fantastic thing about this area is that it has great connectivity to the main routes. Also, if you want the easiest access to the University of Calgary, this is the place to live. It’s just a walk-away distance to the University.

  • Capitol Hill

If you want a tranquil neighborhood, Capitol Hill is your place. The area is very close to downtown, and it’s loaded with tons of amenities and services close by. Also, it has excellent and diverse outdoor recreational opportunities.

  • Crescent Heights

You can easily access the beautiful Crescent Heights via Centre Street. The place is a magnificent scenery of the river valley, which is also an excellent outdoor recreation site. Since it’s in a raised place, you can comfortably see downtown and the south.

  • Rosedale

As the name suggests, Rosedale is another spectacular area to live in. It is strategically located on the south of Trans-Canada Highway. It is also on the North of the famous Bow River. Rosedale has an escarpment on its southern boundary, which allows unobstructed views of downtown and south Calgary.

  • Hillhurst

It is a stunning riverside inner-city area, on the North of the downtown core. It is close to SAIT Polytechnic and Alberta College of Art and Design. Currently, there are so many development projects going on in this place, all for the benefit of the residents.

  • Parkdale

Parkdale is another beautiful riverside neighborhood. It is located in the South of Foothills Hospital. From this place, residents easily access the city via the 16th Avenue NW, Crowchild Trail. Great amenities such as North Hill Mall and McMahon Stadium are just nearby.

  • Evanston

Talk of a suburban residential area, Evanston is the best. It is located on the edge of the city, characterized by mountains and green spaces. Above all, the district has very beautiful residential homes. The Stoney Trail ring road will give you the quickest access to Evanston.

  • Varsity

Varsity is a famous area since it was rated the Top Calgary neighborhood in 2012. It’s a beautiful place to behold and has an admirable tranquil community setting. It is also on the North of the Bow River, beautifully sitting on top of a plateau.

  • Watermark at Bearspaw

If you are looking for class and luxury, try Watermark at Bearspaw. It is a new community that stands out due to its incredibly luxurious homes. In addition, these homes are larger than life estate. When it comes to amenities, you cannot exhaust the choices you will have.

To sum it all, Calgary is undoubtedly a desirable place to live in. There are plenty of good neighborhoods where you can move at any time. However, remember to contact Matco for all your moving services in Calgary. They are prompt, effective, and trustworthy all the time.

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