The Best 4 Star Hotel with Gym in Florence

With an array of top-notch equipment, Hotel Brunelleschi is the best 4-star hotel with gym in Florence.

While choosing a hotel to book in Florence, or anywhere else for the matter, there are a lot of things to consider. Obviously, the location is a key concern. There are also things like room amenities, service qualities, food and restaurant, the view through the window and whatnot! For fitness enthusiasts, there is also the consideration of the quality of the gym, if there is any in the first place.

For some, self-care is the most important element of their daily schedule. They would argue that going to the gym and doing some exercises reduce their stress, make them more relaxed, and most importantly, keep them fit. The Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence knows that and acted upon it. As part of their effort to offer their guests with the best of everything, they have renovated their gym room and equipped it with the latest Technogym machines. The state-of-the-art gym is so good that it made them the best 4-star hotel with gym in Florence.

The Interior

As you would expect from the best 4-star hotel with gym in Florence, the interior of the gym hall of the Hotel Brunelleschi is second to none in their category. It has a moderately high ceiling, quite spacious, has plenty of windows, and painted in the calming white. The greeneries of the lawn outside don’t fail to impress either. It has been renovated recently and now has a wooden floor with big mirrors hanging from three different walls. There is also a secured locker room with showers.

The Equipment

While having a great atmosphere helps, for a gym, the most important aspect is the availability of equipment to do the actual things – the exercise routines. The gym hall of the Hotel Brunelleschi is well-equipped in that department and have all the necessary tools to keep you fit even when you are away from home.

– For the Joggers: Keeping in mind that jogging and running is one of the most beneficial and common exercises, the gym is equipped with three treadmills, a Cyclette and a stepper. So, there’s hardly any reason to wait around or reorganizing the exercise routines. The treadmills are equipped with regulations of inclination and speed, iPod docking station, and USB entry for earphones. Moreover, if you feel thirsty, it has bottles of water to quench your thirst and drink holders just by the treadmills.

-For the Yogis: Aerobics and Pilates are known for attaining better balance and flexibility. While aerobics burns more calories and works the cardio, Pilates works more on the core muscles and help with better meditation. So, if you happen to be in any of these exercise routines or both, the gym at the Hotel Brunelleschi has the mats and the balls to facilitate that.

– For the Builders: If you are a weightlifter or just a person with enthusiasm for muscles, the gym has an array of options to satisfy that need. As different people lift different weights, it has the weights and the barbells of different sizes. Oh! It has a bench too.

To conclude, having the best equipment in a well-designed room was probably enough for the Hotel Brunelleschi, which is the best 4-star hotel with gym in Florence, but they didn’t stop there. To complete your fitness program, they even recommend a healthy and balanced diet, take care of by none other than the chefs of the Ristorante Santa Elisabetta and the Osteria Della Pagliazza.

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