What To Know When Flying Out Of San Francisco To Hong Kong

You can now take flights from SF to Hong Kong from any of the city’s three major airports. Flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong will usually take about 15 hours, and a round trip ticket will cost at least $576. The trip might be long, but because of the variety of attractions and experiences you can enjoy in Hong Kong, this country should be added to your bucket list.  

You’ll never run out of things to do when you’re in Hong Kong. You can choose to enjoy the Hong Kong skyline, Big Buddha, Repulse Bay, and Temple Street Night Market. However, before you can experience all the attractions in Hong Kong, it’s best if you know what to prepare before flying out. The more prepared you are, the more exciting your trip to Hong Kong will be.

Before flying out from San Francisco to Hong Kong, take note of the following:

1. Gaining Entrance Is Easy

Unlike other destinations, Hong Kong is an easy country to get in. Upon arriving in Hong Kong, immigration won’t require you to present a lot of documents. As long as your passport is valid for one month beyond the date of your intended stay in the country, you can enjoy everything that Hong Kong has to offer.

Tourists who are planning to stay in Hong Kong for less than 90 days won’t need to secure a visa, too. Since there are no documents required from tourists, like you, you’ll have more time to pack and prepare for your trip.

2. An Octopus Card Is Necessary

Bringing a lot of cash whenever traveling might allow you to do more, but it can put your safety at risk. Traveling in a new country with stacks of cash in your bag is one of the easiest ways to attract thieves and robbers.

Start your Hong Kong trip by getting an Octopus card. This is a value smart card used to make electronic payments in offline or online systems around Hong Kong. This card can be used in paying for public transportation, fast food restaurants, and vending machines.

Using an Octopus card in Hong Kong isn’t only convenient. It can also ensure your safety since you won’t have to bring a lot of cash. Bringing a card for all of your payments than bringing a huge bag for your cash is always better. 

3. Museums Are Usually Free During Wednesdays

If you’re leaving San Francisco to visit Hong Kong with your kids, make sure that your travel period includes a Wednesday. This is the day of the week when most museums in the country give free admission to the public.

When you spend an entire Wednesday in Hong Kong, you and your kids can enjoy the Hong Kong Museum Work of Art, Hong Kong Space Museum, and the Hong Kong Racing Museum. 

4. Visit the Lan Kwai Fong For The Best NightLife

Aside from sightseeing during the day, checking out the local nightlife scene is also a great way to maximize your trip. You’re a tourist to this destination, and sleeping during the night wouldn’t be a fun option. Staying in your hotel rooms during the night will hinder you from experiencing more of the country.

For your upcoming trip to Hong Kong, don’t forget to visit the Lan Kwai Fong. This is a small square located in Central Hong Kong with more than 90 bars and restaurants. From stylish wine pairings to jelly shots, you can find the best parties in this area.

Preparation Is Key

After booking a flight to Hong Kong, work on creating a budget and itinerary for your trip. Depending on your preferences, your upcoming trip might include trying out some of the country’s best cuisines, visiting its historical sites, enjoying outdoor activities, or all of the above.

While preparing, make sure to consider some of the country’s dos and dont’s. Having knowledge of this information ensures that your upcoming trip will be hassle-free. 

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