Tips To Choosing The Perfect Watch For Traveling The World

There are many things to consider when planning to travel around the world. Your travel essentials, of course, should be at the top of your to-do list as you prepare for your adventure. You’ve got to have a travel bag, a Dopp kit, a passport, gadgets like noise-canceling headphones, a tablet, and a camera, as well as a relaxed travel attire. Packing for a global trip is one of the most overwhelming experiences you can have in life, but if there’s one thing that should always be with you, it’s a travel watch.

Time will always be an inevitable part of a traveler’s journey. The last thing that you’d want while on a trip is to miss your schedule, whether it be your flight, bus tour, or opening times of tourist spots. 

Can you carry any type of watch on your journey? It’s possible, yes, but some timepieces suit travel more than the others. So, if you want your adventure to be more comfortable, you need one travel watch that meets all your requirements. Travel watches can be wildly expensive or incredibly affordable, but there’s always going to be one great travel watch you.

If you’re looking for great travel watches to accompany you on your journey, just check this collection. However, before making a choice, do yourself some favor by looking at some tips to choosing the perfect watch for traveling the world, below.

Choose One That Handles Multiple Time Zones

One of the first features to look for a travel watch is its ability to handle multiple time zones. If you’re planning to visit different destinations, this could be extremely helpful. You need a travel watch that can handle various time zones, especially if you’re traveling through Europe.

Look for a travel watch that can automatically update the time when you’re moving between time zones. This feature could save you from the hassle of manually setting the time in each location. Some travel watches now use the technology of radio-wave signals and GPS  to update the time automatically, even when Daylight Savings Time and other local changes take place.

Select A Travel Watch With A Slide Rule

Slide rule watches are a rare beast, but slide rule is one fantastic feature that every traveler would find precious.

The early growth of the aviation industry saw the need for a lot of calculations. Pilots always find themselves calculating fuel consumption, distance, and others – and these calculations are essential for the success of the flights. Pilots did the calculations using their wrist watches through a rotating bezel dial, known as the slide rule.

Even if slide rule watches are difficult to find nowadays, there are still brands that persist with incorporating a rotating bezel on their timepieces. The slide rule can help travelers calculate currency exchange, among others. If you think about it, fiddling with your watch is much more comfortable than taking out your phone to calculate something, not to mention it’s much more respectful and elegant. 

Opt For An Alarm Function

An alarm function would help when traveling, and there’s no doubt about it. While such a feature is difficult to find in today’s luxury analog watches, there’s nothing wrong with going back to the digital ones for added functionality. A travel watch with an alarm function ensures that you don’t miss out on any schedule, especially when you’re going on a tour. Having an alarm helps you get ahead of hotel checkouts, the last bus leaving, and essential flights.

When you’re touring different regions like Bukhara, Uzbekistan, or Meghalaya, India, it’s not hard to imagine getting lost track of time when the elegance of the place and the fun activities you can engage with start to get into you. With a travel watch having an alarm function accompanying you, you’re going to be free from worries of missing out on any schedule. This makes your adventure even more enjoyable.

Find Watches that Are Highly Durable

Many travelers believe that choosing a highly durable watch is the primary consideration to make when preparing for a global trip, and there are good reasons why. The idea is to buy a watch that’s durable enough to survive throughout your journey.

The travel watch you’ll choose should hold up abrasion and general clunks. Durable watches can withstand even the harshest conditions, whether your trip involves a water adventure or its purely on land. Real watch enthusiasts know a watch is highly durable when they see it, so if you’re not sure how to choose one, you can always ask help from someone you know.


Choosing the perfect watch for traveling the world may sound easy but, the truth is, its an arduous task, especially when you’re looking for the best among the many different types of watches available in the market. Take your time to choose a travel watch carefully and ensure a fantastic adventure as a reward for yourself. Use the tips discussed in this post to find the perfect travel watch that suits your needs.

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