10 Travel Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

A lot of people wear contact lenses or contacts for various reasons. Some people wear it as cosmetic or for beauty, while others use it for medical purposes due to clinical prescriptions after being diagnosed with poor eyesight. Those who use it for medical reasons either use it correct their defective vision or as a seeing aid. Contacts lens are way more stylish than regular glasses; they can change the appearance of the user. They are worn on the surface of the eye. When used as a cosmetic, it is considered by many to be aesthetic and appealing. There are different colors of contact lens produced, and a person who initially has an eye color of saying blue or hazel could use a contact lens of a different color like green and look different. When used because of a clinical prescription, the user will have to stick to their particular prescribed contact lenses to ensure that the aim of the prescription that is corrective or sight aid is achieved without further damage to the eyes. Whatever reason a person decides to use contact lens, be it as a cosmetic or as a prescription, the contact lens has to be managed with great care because the eyes are very delicate and sensitive. It is better not to use contact lenses than not to use it properly.  

 Also, when it comes to traveling, for contact lens users it requires adequate preparation. Traveling on its own takes so much time to prepare. Picking the means of transportation, deciding the time, date of the journey as well as how long the trip is going to last are all part of traveling. Another essential part of planning a trip is making sure to take everything you will need for your trip. It can be very frustrating to leave behind very vital things for a trip, especially when you cannot quickly return to pick up these things. As a contact lens user, you have to take extra care when traveling. There are some things you have to consider before embarking on a journey. There are some tips that every user of contact lens wearer should consider and here are some of them;

  1. Consult your optician: before making a trip, ensure you must get an appointment with your optician. Consulting your optician is vital because the contact lens prescribed for you perhaps is not suitable for traveling, and you will need to get a different kind of contact lens. If you do not consult with your optician, you run the risk of being in distress while traveling. Check-in and get the best option for your trip. This consultation is the most vital thing to do as a contact lens wearer.
  1. Travel with an extra set of lenses: when making a trip, you cannot afford to rely on only one set of contacts. You need a backup set should in case anything goes wrong with your first set. You should not be stranded and struggling with your sight because you either misplaced or something happened to your lenses when you could have ordered and taken a backup lens.
  1. Travel with your prescription: there are times during a trip you might need to see a specialist like an optometrist, and you need to provide a copy of your current prescription. In a case where you do not have a copy of your prescription, you may not get the best medical care, or the specialist may not have the best information to handle your case at the point in time. The importance of traveling with a copy of your contact lens prescription cannot be overemphasized.
  1. Keep your hands clean: every contact lens wearer knows the importance of cleaning their hands every time they have to wear or remove their contact lens. You may not find it easy to find a spot to wash your hand, especially if you are traveling to a place you are not used to everything around you. The best solution to this particular problem would be to carry a bottle of water or a hand sanitizing gel with moderate alcohol content. This extra bottle of water or hand gel will be your go-to in the case of an emergency until you can figure out or find a place to wash your hands. 
  1. Travel with an extra contact lens solution: you might find yourself in a situation where you need an extra bottle of solution, maybe because your main bottle got spilled or lost during the journey. You do not want to be in a situation where you need to take off your contacts, and you have no place to put them.  
  1. Carry sunglasses as a backup: most contact lens wearers are sensitive to sunlight. This can be a source of major discomfort for them during the trip. The best way to avoid the possibility of this happening would be to bring extra sunglasses. It does not have to be anything fancy, but it is crucial to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the burning sun.
  1. Expect emergencies: there might be unforeseen circumstances that might occur. You cannot always prepare for these circumstances, but it is important to have a mindset that the unexpected might happen at any time.
  1. Travel with medicated and prescribed glasses: every contact lens wearer always has a pair of these glasses even though they hate to use it. The importance of carrying these glasses is that you might need to rest your eyes from the contacts to be more comfortable. Extra glasses come in handy in a situation where something goes wrong with your contacts, and you need to fall back on something.
  1. Always remember to wear your contacts before you begin the journey: It is easier to slip into glasses whenever you want to, but you may not have that luxury if you are a contact lens wearer. Good luck trying to put on your contacts during a bumpy road trip or a long queue on the plane’s restroom.  
  1. Be sure to double-check if you packed everything you might need for your contact lens. That extra bottle of solution, the rewetting drops, and everything you can fall back on as regards the use of your contact lens.    

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