Benefits of Renting a Lakefront Cabin in Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake remains one of the most popular destinations in Southern California. If you take just a short drive from Los Angeles, you will begin to enjoy an Alpine adventure. You do not have to go to Switzerland, Germany, or Austria to enjoy an Alps-like experience. 

Big Bear is only a three hour drive from Las Vegas. Plus, if you get tired of the snow, you can always go home anytime you like. Going there would be an uphill journey as you would go up to about 6,000 feet above sea level. The climate is considered alpine tundra, and the city enjoys four seasons – summer, fall, winter, and spring.

Big Bear Lake also has plenty to offer in terms of outdoor activities. You can hike, mountain bike, rappel, swim, fish, snowboard, ski, paddleboard, kayak, and do various other activities. The best way to enjoy nature is to be in the middle of one. There are plenty of Big Bear Lakefront cabin rentals you can book so that you can have a vacation, unlike any other.

But why rent a lakefront cabin? Here are some of the advantages of doing so:

  1. Scenic view – How would you like to enjoy a panorama that is worthy of any postcard every morning when you wake up? You greet the sun as it rises, and marvel at the orange tint that it paints on the sky. The view itself, an Instagrammable moment, is worth the price of admission. And there is nothing like the sunset view to end your day.
  2. Being right in the middle of the action – The Big Bear Lakefront cabin rentals are only a few feet away from the lake. You can watch the kids playing in the water while you sit on the porch. You can conveniently cook breakfast in a full kitchen instead of struggling with your gas-fed cooker when you go out camping on the lake. You do not have to worry about being at the mercy of the elements of nature, either. 
  3. Privacy – Unlike other public swimming areas, you are cocooned in a secluded property. You have your docking spot if you own a small dingy or rent a kayak. You can enjoy nature and the company of your loved ones, more when you do not have to deal with the crowd.
  4. More cost-effective than a hotel – The prices of lakefront property rentals may be equivalent to hotels. However, renting a vacation home will give you more space, privacy, and freedom. For instance, some hotels do not allow pets inside their establishments. You will not encounter the same problems if you rent a cabin. Also, if you invite your friends over, you can share the rental price, which will bring down your cost some more.

Even if Big Bear Lake is quite small, with a population of over 5000 residents, it has plenty of amenities that cater to visitors. For instance, the city has plenty of retail centers where you can shop for souvenir items, goods, or necessities. You can find K-Mart, Stater Bros Supermarket, Sears, Vons Supermarket, and other mom-and-pop stores. It will be convenient for you to stock up your cabin rental due to the presence of these shopping centers. 

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