Plan the Perfect Romantic Escape in these 5 Incredible Destinations

Very few things can come as close to the wonderful feeling of loving and being loved and celebrating such an uplifting phenomenon calls for a strategically chosen destination. With that, we ranked the numerous favorite locations for romantic escapades and came up with the top five most incredible. So read on, and you might find the ideal spot for your honeymoon, anniversaries or lover’s vacation.


Keep the fire burning with a trip to the dreamiest places in Canada. Enjoy a bit of time to yourselves in the numerous secluded romantic spots in picturesque cities that give you a break from all the bustle of modernity. Something to look forward would be the beautiful views in Canada’s must see national parks both on the landscape and up the skyline, where the colors are vibrant and lively. One thing to look forward to when in Canada is their unmistakably Canadian architecture which will be apparent in all buildings, you’ll stay in.


In and of itself, Japan is a beautiful place, with its respected traditions, majestic sceneries and distinct art and architecture. It can easily be the best place to celebrate anything grand, Japan’s bespoke touring spots to make for the perfect moment, making for one of the most altogether luxurious romantic destinations.

We have Kyoto and its signature zen gardens and bamboo forests, where you can experience the best of Kaiseki dining. If you prefer being near the shores, and the floating torii gates, Miyajima can make for a great location. There is pretty much a place for every kind of person, and either way, it’s difficult not to love the famous view of Mt. Fuji or be enamored with the bright Tokyo city lights. 


Full of life and teeming with activity, Bali has gained much prominence over the years one of the most romantic spots for both long-time lovers and newlyweds. Experience the best of Indonesian tropical architecture and well-landscaped terrain overlooking the serene coastline. Have a go at what might be the most relaxing vacation with your better half as you try the luxury spas, delicious Indo dishes, and sunset-soaked afternoons by the beach.

Make the most out of the entire experience by going on helicopter tours or their newest hot air balloon rides. The best about Bali is that you can don the most comfortable of outfits while staying in touch with nature. 

Costa Rica

Everything wonderful can be found here, in Costa Rica – good food, a lively atmosphere, accommodating people, rich cultures, and numerous placed to go. This location isn’t just visually beautiful but can bring so many meaningful memories to anyone who spends their celebrations here, especially lovers. An ideal choice for nature lovers, an authentic honeymoon in Costa Rica can mean a great exposure to cozy interiors, optimum convenience, and a relieving scenic view of the sea, greeneries and volcanoes.

New Zealand

New Zealand is notably known to have clear beaches, majestic landscapes and mountainous terrains all around the country that it has become the locations for many films. With that, it’s also the perfect place for couples who prefer a bit of challenge while on vacation. 

The Fiordland is a great option for those who have a great love for the outdoors and is a more unsual romantic spot but will still hit it. You get to explore New Zealand’s walking capital, Te Anao, or you can head over the wilderness for some hiking and trekking. Stewart Island offers a similar experience but with more wildlife exposure and a glacier lake tour at the Tasman Glacier sounds like fun, too!

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