Top 10 Tools and Gadgets to Bring When Camping

For many of us, tools are exactly what camping is about; improvising, being prepared and solving problems. This article will cover some clever tools and gadgets that can aid you along your camping trip — from the inventive to the classics.

Pocket sized washing bag

A washing bag allows you to put forth washing in with only a couple of litres of water and a tiny bit of washing liquid, you can do your laundry in five minutes. The bag folds up into a tiny fist-sized ball, too.

An adhesive 

A small tube of multipurpose glue is a fantastic way to improvise in many situations — in case of a small repair. You can find yourself fixing your tent and cooking utilities, creating improvised fishing solutions, among a million other things that you likely cannot think of, but might crop up.

Sandless blanket

A sandless mat sounds trivial, buts it’s received military applications. The technology behind it repels sand, meaning you can set up camp on the beach with no annoying sticky sand situation.

Power bank

It’s nice to escape the rat race and tech life, but taking your phone is just standard, even for a camping holiday. It’s safe to do so, and you want to ensure you won’t run out of battery. Power banks nowadays can fit in a pocket yet have 20,000 MHz of battery to recharge your phone many times over. Also, if you’re camping at a festival, you’re likely going to use your phone a ton to capture the performances.

Small drone

A drone can capture great pictures and even follow you on an automatic setting. This can even be used as a navigation tool. Many drones can livestream the camera to your phone, meaning at any time you get lost, you could fly upwards with the drone and get a bird’s eye view shot of your path.

Travel vacuum

A small travel vacuum is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet it has the power to suck the air out of your camping and hiking bags. This doesn’t only allow more space, but it reduces the size of the bag that you have to carry around.

Water filter

Water filters exist in which you can literally drink out of a puddle relatively safely. This kind of reliability is a great way to insure you against the dangerous situation of being stranded and running out of bottled water. 

Hammock tent

A hammock tent is the ultimate way to camp. It’s complete freedom, finding two trees, tying your own knots around them and stringing together a bed. It’s safe too, above the critters and animals that troll the forest floors.

Swiss army knife

A Swiss army knife is a traditional yet vital tool to take when camping and hiking. After all, it’s all about multipurpose tools, and this is the definition of that. With a knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, among many other things, you’re sure to get good use out of it on any trip.

Mobile phone camera lens 

Capturing memories is an important part of camping, but a DSLR camera can add weight to your baggage. You’re going to have a mobile anyway, so you may as well learn how to turn it into a more proficient camera with some simple lenses and learning the manual settings.

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