4 Best Eyeglass Styles for Male Travellers

As a man, it can be difficult to find fashionable glasses; it can seem that there are far more options out there for women. But as a man, you still have to wear your glasses every day and you still want to feel your best. As a traveler, you need a sturdy pair that is up to the task of going with you as you explore everything the world has to offer. But you also need them to look good. You will be meeting lots of new people and posing in front of lots of beautiful sights. You need to feel your very best. We suggest you take a look at EyeBuyDirect as they have lots of variety for men and once you have chosen your style, you will also get the opportunity to add things like anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-blue light, all which may be important for you on your travels.

Do not swap convivence for missing out on all of the minute details in your surroundings. Either bring two pairs of glasses on your travels, one with clear lenses and one pair of sunglasses or bring an adaptable pair. You can buy transition lenses that get darker as the sun hits them; this may be a great option for a traveler. You will need to protect your eyes and absorb the beauty, whilst staying fashionable. With all that in mind, here are our 4 top eyeglasses for the male traveler.

Classic rectangle frames

Rectangle frames are a classic shape that will suit any style. They are smart and sophisticated but can also be edgy. You can get them in a range of colors and sizes so you can find a pair suited to you. If you are traveling to lots of different places in the world, then you will likely not be out of place anywhere with rectangle frames.

Rounded glasses

Whether you opt for round or rectangle should depend on your face shape. If you have a square face, then you may want to opt for rounded glasses to balance out your face. Rounded glasses are similarly recognizable anywhere in the world. Furthermore, they come in a range of materials which means you can ensure that you choose something sturdy.

Geometric glasses

If you would rather not blend into the crowd and want something to make you stand out anywhere in the world, then you could consider opting for geometric glasses. Geometric glasses are a relatively new trend and will show you to be fun and current. They may also become a talking point which could help you to make friends.

Aviator glasses

No list of glasses would be complete without mentioning aviator glasses. They began as sunglasses for pilots to protect their eyes from the sun whilst flying. Following this, they were adopted by the army and replaced eye goggles. You can learn more about the history of aviator glasses here. For a long time, aviators were only for sunglasses but now you can get them as prescription glasses too. They make a statement whilst still being recognizable and trendy.

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