Beaches in Mexico That You Should Explore in 2020

One of the main attractions of Mexico is its beautiful beaches. Many have “Blue Flag” certification, which must meet high standards in terms of coastal system, bathing water quality, safety, and amenities.

Mexico has different states throughout the country where you can find spectacular beaches; some have fascinating stories; others have waters so bright that you can observe the beautiful coral reefs or marine life of the place.

Among the great attractions that many of Mexico’s cities have, beaches have always been a great attraction for tourism at an international level. 

Places like Tulum, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen, which are cities that have many beaches at their disposal, that’s why they are the ideal places to visit frequently.

Nevertheless, more places in the country have impressive beaches like those of these places, and that many people do not know, that’s why we hope that with this list you can recognize them.

Los Cabos: 

Playa Medano


(Image courtesy: Pinterest) 

Playa Medano is one of the best-known family beaches in all of Los Cabos, where you can enjoy soft sand, deep crystal-clear waters and gentle waves that will allow even the youngest children to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Here you can find different restaurants and bars that will offer the best prices either to enjoy a delicious meal by the sea or to enjoy a cocktail. At the same time, you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the famous Cabo San Lucas Arch.

Many tourists like to visit this beach because of the vast expanse of soft sand, its calm waters, and the many restaurants and bars available to enjoy an excellent day at the beach.

Playa del Amor:

(Image courtesy: Pinterest)

It is well known that people who visit Los Cabos have to visit this beach; you can get there from Playa Medano, from a boat or if you prefer to make your way to this beautiful place more exciting you have the option of renting a jet ski or a kayak.

One of the main attractions of this beach is the extensive colony of sea lions that you can observe while they play, swim and rest near the Cabo San Lucas Arch.

In this place, you can do different water activities such as swimming, diving, and snorkeling, preferably on the side of the Sea of Cortez, where you can find so bright that it lets you see everything around you.

Puerto Vallarta

Playa “Los Muertos”

(Image courtesy: Pinterest)

The most prominent beach in Puerto Vallarta, the most visited by both locals and tourists; this due to the quality of its crystal clear waters, the atmosphere you can find here for partying, and the impressive pier.

The pier is lit up in different colors in the evenings and nights, which makes it one of the main attractions of the city, besides being one of the safest zones in the whole town.

This beach is named after different stories that have given it its name, however, of this, only one is scientifically approved.

In one story, they say that in ancient times pirates used to come to this thing to rob people, and when they left, they left a trail of bodies so that name would know it.

However, the scientifically supported history tells us that in ancient times, to bury the dead properly, the locals used to keep the remains in urns and throw them into the sea.

Playa “Las Caletas” Vallarta Adventures


(Image courtesy: Pinterest)

This beach is only accessible by sea, as it is a private beach owned by Vallarta Adventures. The tour starts from the marine terminal and lasts approximately 1 hour.

In this place, you will find white sand, crystal clear water, and you can do different activities such as snorkeling, diving, paddleboards, among many others.

Besides that, in this place, you can find a lot of peace when resting in the different areas with hammocks that it has, while you enjoy a refreshing cocktail and enjoy the sea breeze.


Playa Delfines


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One of the best beaches in all of Mexico, full of calm and tranquility, awarded with the blue flag, Playa Delfines is charming in all senses, the deep blue of its waters, its soft white sand, and the peace that can be felt in this place are unparalleled.

With almost 30 km, this paradise is the most chosen by both locals and tourists when visiting not only Cancun but the Riviera Maya. Here you can find free services such as recreation areas for children, outdoor gym, and wifi signal to maintain communication.

It also has an impressive viewpoint that will leave you impressed, as you will be able to appreciate the entire extension of this beach in Cancun; it also has small palapas to protect you from the sun.

Many tourists prefer to make a Cancun Car Rental by City Car Rental because by renting a car, people can find the right parking spot and enjoy the time on the beach as long as they want.

However, other tourists prefer to hire a Cancun shuttle Transportation, so they don’t have to struggle to find parking and travel from different parts of the Riviera Maya comfortably to see this paradise.

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