X Occasions to Charter a Private Jet

There are many reasons to charter a private jet rather than flying conventionally. In any one week over six thousands flights are delayed, and over eight hundred are canceled. If traveling for business or pleasure, there are times when this simply won’t do. So what are your options?

The only real option is to travel by different means such as road, rail, or ship. This is often unfeasible, especially if you are under a time deadline or traveling overseas. Your next option is to charter your own plane.

This may sound daunting and expensive, but considering the advantages, you may find it pays for itself and guarantees you will get to your destination on time. Using private jet rental with JetApp makes hiring a plane convenient. There is a range of options that you can include to make the flight as easy and convenient as possible.

With this in mind, let’s look at occasions when hiring a private jet makes sense.

A Big Family Event

If you have relatives overseas or a big family event is being held that you simply cannot miss, then hiring a private jet is an option to consider. It could actually be part of the event with you and your family traveling in perfect style. Many use a private plane to take the family to their destination if they have chosen to get married overseas.

The flight becomes part of the special day, especially as the food and drink on a chartered plane can be of stunning quality if you want it to be so. There are fewer things more special than a private jet flight to a wedding destination, whether it is in Florida or South Korea!

An Important Business Meeting

There are times when you need to ensure your team arrives at a destination ready to do business. Conventional flying is hardly conducive to this, especially if preparations need to be carried out prior to landing. Even first-class doesn’t feel like you are in an office discussing strategy or working on figures.

The private plane can provide an office-like environment in the sky. You and your team will be ready and refreshed to do business when you land. This can be vital to doing better business and being productive, as you will not have to adjust to jetlag and the fatigue of flying.

Celebrating an Anniversary

If you have a big anniversary, then a surprise flight on a private jet is the perfect gift. This can take you to almost any destination in the world. It is arguably the perfect red carpet treatment and will stay with you for years.

You Hate Flying

If you hate flying, then private jets are the perfect way to avoid the hustle and bustle of airports. You can be through customs and in the air in no time, and you won’t be packed into the plane like canned fish. Arguably, this is flying as it should be.

Given the advantages and ease of which you can hire a plane, this is an option you should not rule out if the occasion demands it.  



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