From Hotels to Camping: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Accommodation

One of the best experiences you can have on planet Earth is to travel across the face of it, visiting unique and interesting places and cultures along the way. However, choosing the right accommodation for you can be difficult, and where you sleep at night can make or break a vacation.

Here are our five top tips for choosing the best places to stay when you are traveling, so you can make sure you have the best night’s sleep available when you go abroad.

Location, Location, Location

The biggest decision you are going to have to make is on the location of your accommodation. If you are traveling for business, then this decision is often made for you, as you will need to be close to transport links and centers of commerce like a city center.

If you are traveling for vacation, you may want to consider staying outside of a city so you get a more peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Look at places that are just outside of a city and you may find a great place to stay at a better price than you will find in a city.

Check the Price and Study the Small Print for Extra Charges

Whenever you are booking somewhere, it can often pay to check the small print and look closely at what you get for your money.

Many hotels offer just the basics as part of their best price, and you may find yourself having to pay extra for things like access to the swimming pool or gym, cable TV or even Wi-Fi internet in your room. Getting caught out by hidden charges like these can often mean you pay more than if you had stayed somewhere else for just a little bit more that included these amenities.

Consider Renting an Apartment or House

For some people, the best accommodation might be a self-contained apartment or house to give them the flexibility and security of a ‘home away from home’.

Hotels are not everyone’s preferred place to stay, and having your own space and your own kitchen and dining area can be important to people with special dietary requirements. Sleep is also a factor. Hotel beds and mattresses can be uncomfortable, and if you have a bad back and trouble sleeping, you will definitely want the best mattress for back pain, which you are more likely to find in an apartment or house and not a hotel.

Make Sure You Check Online Reviews

Online review sites like TripAdvisor can be a goldmine of information when you are looking for a vacation destination and somewhere to stay when you get there.

These sites often have detailed reviews and recommendations on places to stay all over the world and in all major cities. Not only can these help you avoid a bad neighborhood or lackluster hotel, but they can also give you loads of ideas on places to visit and eat when you get there.

Double Check Your Food Options

When you are booking a place to stay, pay close attention to the dining and food options you will have during your stay there.

In some foreign countries, meals may be served at odd times and you may find that there isn’t an open restaurant at your regular meal times. If you have special dietary requirements, you should also make sure they will be able to cater to your tastes. Even having a mini-fridge in a hotel room can be a helpful addition to your stay, giving somewhere to keep water or medicine cold.

Different people will look for different things when choosing accommodation. Use these tips to help you to find the best place to stay based on your needs, budget and personal preferences.


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