The Best Islands to Visit Around the World

If you are craving for the ultimate, peaceful, and total relaxation holiday, discover the best islands to visit as part of your next holiday destination.

There is something about an island that overwhelms us with its magnificence, its impossibility and its air of mystery. Historians claim it might be down to our evolution, as many of our ancient settlements were found in tiny, little islands. Whether it’s true or not, there is no denying of the fact that a beautiful island is like a droplet of paradise on earth, albeit in the midst of a vast sea. They are gorgeous, relaxing, enchanting, but above all, they are trouble-free and carefree.

The best islands to visit are also equipped with luxurious facilities, with every comfort imaginable, and incredible nightlife. Not to mention the abundance of fresh and unmistakable tasting seafood. Heck, even the wind that blows over an island is presumed to have some healing capabilities and relaxing properties.

The Top Three Best Islands to Visit

Some people like an island with great beaches, some like the presence of an exquisite wild reserve. Some like tranquillity, while others prefer adventurous activities. Having considered all these requirements, below we list three of the best islands to visit.

Palawan, Philippines

A UNESCO-listed Biosphere Reserve, Palawan is certainly one of the best islands to visit. Blessed with tropical weather and mangrove forests, the island showcases some of the most gorgeous, rugged cliffs standing tall amidst the pale sand and crystal clear water. The most enthralling surprise hides literally beneath the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, where you can spot an underground river floating through the limestone caverns.


A go-to destination for honeymooners who can afford the luxurious facilities, Maldives is a paradise in the southern part of Asia. It’s warm and sunny all-year-round, with the white sands on the shores dazzling with blinding lights. This seductive island in the Indian Ocean is also popular for snorkelling and diving, with the most diverse coral reefs offering a fascinating look into its vibrant marine lives. The highest peak of the island is just 3-meters above the sea level, making it very vulnerable to global warming threats.

Bartolomé, Ecuador

Mentioned by Charles Darwin in his revolutionary book about evolution, Bartolomé island in Ecuador is adorned with unique wildlife – the only penguins living north of the equator, skittering crabs, marine iguanas, native birds, etc. It is also a sight to behold, with its bald Pinnacle rock standing tall over the pale beaches and aquamarine water. The only thing that holds it back or maybe makes it more appealing is its lack of overnight stay facilities. Instead, you have to be based in the nearby Santa Cruz.

Bonus: Santorini, Greece

A very popular tourist destination, the cozy Santorini island in the Aegean Sea is possibly the most beautiful in Europe. With blue-domed churches complementing the sea water and the sky above, this boutique-like island offers visitors with the magnificence of its Red beach, natural spa baths in Caldera, the mazy walking streets, etc. It also offers an exciting nightlife scene.

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