3 Ways to Immerse Yourself in Culture At London’s Covent Garden

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As one of the most cosmopolitan travel destinations in the world, London is known for its elegant locations and sophisticated entertainment options. One place that combines the two is the Covent Garden district in the West End. From the beautiful architecture of the area’s former vegetable market to the exquisite theaters that house some of the world’s top plays and musicals, there’s something there for everyone.  Add in the area’s swanky European restaurants and you have the perfect location for a classy day and night of exploring. And with a boutique hotel in London in the area, it’s Covent Garden is a great place to stay. Here are three ways to immerse yourself in the culture at London’s Covent Garden.

Catch a Performance at the Royal Opera House

Covent Garden’s large opera house, formerly known as Theatre Royal, is a historic building. It dates back to 1732 but was rebuilt in 1858 after a disastrous fire. Today, the Royal Opera House’s façade, foyer, and auditorium date back to 1858. Nearly everything else was rebuilt in the 1990s

The Royal Opera House is home to the Royal Opera, the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, and the Royal Ballet. The gorgeous venue has also previously hosted the British Academy Film Awards and the Laurence Olivier Awards. If you’re in the mood for a sophisticated and glamorous night out, this is the place to have it!

Shop at Covent Garden Market

When I travel, my favorite things to buy as souvenirs are handmade crafts. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ways to take a piece of a place home with you. To browse and buy handmade crafts and other goods, check out Covent Garden Market. It’s a special place in the city and has roots that date back to 1654.

Once a famous fruit and vegetable market, the goods offered at Covent Garden Market have changed a bit over the years. Today, you’re more likely to find handmade jewelry, artwork, homemade soaps, hand-knitted clothing, and unique antiques there. What you find there will depend on the day you visit. If you’re going antique hunting, head to the market on a Monday. Vendors sell clothes and household items on Tuesdays, and you’ll find arts and crafts on the weekends.

Visit the London Film Museum

Another way to immerse yourself in the culture at Covent Garden is by visiting the London Film Museum. Located at 45 Wellington Street, the museum is home to props, costumes, and sets from feature films like Superman and You Only Live Twice. You can also learn how movies are made!

Past exhibits at the museum have showcased the work of Charlie Chaplin and Ray Harryhausen. Since March of 2014, it has housed the Bond in Motion – The Largest Official Collection of James Bond Vehicles exhibit. It’s the largest collection of vehicles from the James Bond franchise ever on display in London!   


With a wide variety of sites and activities, London’s Covent Garden is heaven for a cultured traveler. Whether you choose to visit other locations like the London Transport Museum or Jubilee Market, you can easily spend days exploring it all. For that, I suggest staying at a wellness hotel in Paddington. Also, don’t miss the fantastic restaurants near Finsbury Square! With so much to do, you’ll never want to leave. Book a trip to London’s Covent Garden today!

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