3 Most Romantic Places in London

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When most people think of romantic destinations in Europe, most people envision the City of Love, Paris. Or maybe their mind jumps to Santorini at sunset, the Eternal City of Rome, or the picturesque, rolling hills of Tuscany. But what many people may not realize is that London deserves to be in that conversation, too. Lux accommodations like the Bayswater Hotel London are the perfect getaway for two, and it’s hard to beat the splendor of a grand Paddington hotel. The United Kingdom’s largest city boasts quite a few locations that are perfect for couples looking for a beautiful, romantic setting. These are the 3 most romantic places in London!

Little Venice

One of London’s lesser-known gems is the Little Venice area. It’s an apt name for this area of West London, as it’s a small but beautiful location that centers around Regents Canal. The waterway is often packed with colorful barges, some of which contain small shops and have flowerpots on their roofs. Adding to the ambiance are scores of ducks and swans who like to paddle past the boats and sometimes come onshore.

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This quaint little slice of heaven is pretty quiet, so it makes for a perfect location to stroll hand-in-hand with your significant other and take in the scenery. The canal is also lined with trees, so there’s ample shade if you’re looking to avoid the direct rays of the sun. Check out the cute, little stores inside the boats and wander over to the food stalls along Regents Canal to share a bite to eat!

Hampstead Heath Pergola and Hill Garden

If you’re looking for the perfect, Instagrammable location to snap a photo of you and your better half, you can’t find one in London better than the Hampstead Heath Pergola and Hill Garden. This stunning location on Inverforth Close off North End Way is one of London’s most beautiful attractions. The pergola is a raised, colonnaded walkway that overlooks the West Heath area of South East London. Around mid-April, its pillars and columns will likely be adorned with vibrant vines and wisteria that twist all the way up to its wooden roof.

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Even with the overgrowth of greenery, the pergola boasts gorgeous views of London. Meanwhile, the benches of the adjacent Hill Garden are a fantastic spot to stop for a breather and enjoy nature in the middle of the city. Just take note that you may not be alone at the pergola and garden, as it’s also a favorite haunt of long-eared bats in the early evening.

The Royal Observatory

Let’s face it. There are few things more romantic than gazing up at the night sky. In London, the best place to do that is the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Whether you and your mate are looking to learn more about the heavens at the Peter Harrison Planetarium or dive deep into the cosmos at the Great Equatorial Telescope, there are plenty of adventures to be had there.

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Head over to the courtyard for the unique opportunity to take a cute couples photo at the Prime Meridian Line. Also, if you’d like to see some of the treasures from space that have fallen to Earth, check out the meteorite at the Weller Astronomy Galleries! It’s one of the most romantic places in London!


Whether you’d like to spend your quality couples time exploring the sites of London or staying inside at one of the hotels near Hounslow Central Station, there is no shortage of romantic activities to engage in. Book a trip for two to London to experience them all for yourself!

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