My Travel Dream: Traveling on a Private Jet

As a world traveler and travel content creator who is twelve years deep into the best career in the world, I have had enough wild, crazy, moving, mind-blowing, and enlightening travel experiences to fill several lifetimes. I have gone bungee jumping in Costa Rica, gulped down octopus that’s still squirming in South Korea, gone skydiving in Spain, shared a meal with 100,000 people in Amritsar, have gone off-roading in the mountains of Armenia, and have even experienced a several-thousand-year-old worship ceremony in Kerala. I’ve sought out these experiences, and they’ve been some of the coolest and most transformative moments in my life. But in all my years of travel, there is one adventure that has eluded me: traveling on a private jet.

When I travel to far-flung destinations around the world, I always fly commercial. And don’t get me wrong, flying commercial is great. It has made quick, worldwide travel available to the masses, which is what David’s Been Here is all about. I create my travel guides and film my travel episodes to inspire other people to get out of their comfort zone, travel to a new destination, and explore it in-depth while immersing themselves in the local culture. Flying commercial allows everyone to do that, but let’s be honest. Flying commercial can come with its own set of stressors, whether it’s delays, cancellations, rude passengers or staff, and more. So, who wouldn’t love the opportunity to fly private and have that once-in-a-lifetime, luxurious experience?

My Travel Dream

Traveling on a private jet would allow me to finally have that experience. I’d finally be able to cross that item off of my bucket list. I, of course, would film the entire experience and share it with my viewers on YouTube and Facebook, and document in photos and snippets on my Instagram. But equally important to me, is that I would really love to share the experience with my father.

Back in 2007, when I first cooked up the idea of making travel my full-time job and sharing my experiences to inspire others, a lot of people doubted me. YouTube was a brand-new medium that few people understood, and travel “influencers” weren’t even a thing. A lot of people thought I was crazy, that I was making a huge mistake, and that I was throwing away my life. But not my dad. He supported me from day one and defended me against the naysayers. And together, we built David’s Been Here from the ground up. He’s been there by my side ever since, and has been a source of both inspiration and support through the ups and downs of me trying to navigate the crazy but wonderful industry I’m in. I would love nothing more than to be able to share a private jet experience with the man who gave me life and the man who has always stuck by me, no matter what. He deserves it.

Sharing the Dream

When I travel commercial, especially when I fly to Asia, I almost always fly from Miami International Airport and get a connecting flight in Dallas. Dallas is one of my favorite cities in the United States for many reasons, but a three-hour commercial flight there is far from my favorite travel experience. This time, I would love to ride private from Miami to Dallas, experience the luxury and wonder of traveling on a private jet with my dad, toast to the future of David’s Been Here with him, and then go on a tour of the city’s best Texas barbecue places once we land.

My dad and I have always bonded over food. He has introduced me to some of the best cuisines in the world ever since I was a kid. I can’t think of anything better than flying private with him and digging into some mouthwatering brisket, ribs, and coleslaw with him. Even with all of the insane, awesome, and beautiful travel experiences I’ve had in my life, it’s the simple ones like this that often mean the most to me.


I share my travel experiences with the world every day, and it is truly my life’s passion. But it’s even more special when I also get to share them with the people I love. So, my hope is that this dream of mine—to take my dad on a private jet to Dallas so we can enjoy unlimited Texas barbecue—comes true someday. I can’t think of a better way to honor him or our relationship. Traveling on a private jet to Dallas would be the ultimate travel experience for us both.

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