Winter Wonderland Adventure – The Lapland And The Northern Lights

While some people love to lounge on the beach on a warm sunny day, there are others who are simply fascinated with white snow and the cold weather. For the latter, a winter wonderland adventure would simply be spectacular. It will even be more amazing if one gets to witness the majestic Northern lights.

All About Lapland

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region and this area is a haven for nature adventurers. It is also known for its vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts as well as the Midnight Sun and Northern lights, which are naturally occurring phenomena. Lapland also has more than a hundred thousand inland lakes, hence, the region is sometimes referred to as the Land of a Thousand Lakes. The snow season in this region lasts for more than seven months, usually beginning from October until May of the next year. Additionally, it is a great trivia Knowing that in Lapland, there are more reindeers than people, thus, reindeers are known as the icon of Lapland.

The Sami People

Your Lapland experience will be incomplete if you don’t get to experience spending time with the Sami people, who are the indigenous inhabitants of the land. Their unique and rich culture and traditions extend even to Finland’s neighboring countries. The Sami people can still be found living in lavvu tents in the remote areas of the region up to this day. They often wear traditional clothing known as kofte to shield themselves from the frosty cold.

Northern Lights

The Northern lights are a majestic display of intense green, blue, red and violet bands that seem to dance, lighting up the sky. Lapland is in very close proximity to the Arctic Circle, which makes it a good spot to witness the Aurora Borealis. While it can also be seen in Sweden and Norway, it is best to take advantage of the fact that Lapland experiences the Northern lights over 200 times in a year, which guarantees that you will not miss it. Thereby, if you want to ensure that you will witness this magical phenomenon, it is best to book a trip to Lapland, particularly between August and April, when the region experiences shorter days and darker nights.

Glass Igloos

The ideal place to see the natural wonder of the Aurora Borealis would be just a few minutes out of the city center, where you will be relatively far from the light pollution that may obscure your view. However, chasing the Northern lights may prove to be tiresome, especially with the cold night that lets your bones shiver. Hence, a great alternative would be to watch this majestic natural show under a glass igloo wherein you are in the comfort of a warm bedroom.

Lapland in Finland is the ultimate winter wonderland adventure where one will even have the opportunity to witness the Northern lights. While considerably smaller than Sweden and Norway, Lapland should definitely be on your bucket list because of several incredible things that you can do during your visit. After all, it will feel really amazing to be able to visit Santa’s home.

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