CBD Cigarettes: How To Help You Quit Tobacco

Cannabis has been around a long time now. But, it’s only in recent times that it has soared in popularity because of its now legal status in many states. The cannabis, as people know it today, isn’t just the raw plant itself, smoked in a pot. It comes in many varied and sophisticated forms, ranging from oils to tinctures, candies, creams, lotions, and, yes, CBD cigarettes.

One of the best uses of CBD cigarettes is that it’s successful in helping you quit smoking tobacco. That’s right. As outrageous as it may sound, this fact is true. Read on to learn more about how this is possible, plus all its other health benefits.

1. Takes You Off The Nicotine

One of the benefits of smoking CBD cigarettes instead of traditional tobacco is that it takes you off the nicotine while still giving you an authentic smoking experience. Yes, the urge to smoke is still there. But, the least takeaway that you can gain is that you may still be smoking, but not nicotine. It’s a given and well-known fact that nicotine is very harmful. This is the leading cause of throat and lung cancer all over the world. Plus, it’s not only the smokers themselves who get affected, but secondhand smokers as well.

With CBD cigarettes, you’re smoking something more natural. CBD, as sold today, is no longer psychoactive. It’s been through a very rigorous process, such that it doesn’t make you high. When you smoke the CBD cigarette, it gives all the positive health benefits of a hemp or marijuana plant sans getting addicted. Plus, it’s also without any harmful synthetic chemicals.

2. Eases Stress And Anxiety

A lot of people smoke tobacco because they’re under a lot of stress and anxiety. While it may not always be the case for many, a majority would claim that smoking does help them relax. The only negative side to it is that this relaxation is only temporary relief. The long-term consequences of being dependent on tobacco cigarettes are far greater than the relief that it provides. Buy Weed Online In Canada it can be a good alternative for smoking tobacco

Have a CBD cigarette near you. If you’re the type of person who has gotten so used to using tobacco cigars to help ease your anxiety, a better alternative now is CBD cigar. Its main ingredient, CBD, is successful in targeting the body’s stress hormones. In fact, its benefits go beyond just a temporary relief. It boosts your body’s endocannabinoid system, such that you eventually learn to process your emotions better, such that you forget stress, fear, and anxiety.

3. Enables Better Sleep

Most of the smoking tendencies and craving start to come late at night, or when a person is idle. You may be thinking deeply about something or stressed out about a problem. Because you can’t sleep well, you’d rather find recourse in smoking tobacco. This, again, becomes a destructive habit as it inevitably leads to chain-smoking. Suddenly, your body clock changes that even at an unholy hour, it craves for a cigar. The only time you may be off the cigarette is when you’re at work and when you’re asleep. This habit is hazardous.

The next time that you find yourself unable to sleep, why not vape up CBD cigar or smoke one instead?  Because it’s not psychoactive, your body doesn’t get addicted to or dependent on it. You only get to experience the relaxing benefit of CBD, and which also promotes better sleep. Rather than keeping you up and smoking, even more, you’ll find yourself slowly wanting to sleep. Plus, the quality of your sleep improves, too.

4. Breaks The Cycle Of Addiction

The urge to smoke tobacco cigars has a lot to do with the brain’s response to its craving. Once you’ve started to smoke, you create that process of reinforced behaviors. This means that when you crave, you give in and get a cigar. It may start from one piece only until, suddenly, you find yourself stuck in the cycle of being a chain smoker. Smoking is also a type of addiction, and an  immensely harmful one at that.

Through smoking CBD cigars, on the one hand, you’re successful at breaking the cycle of addiction. Yes, the act of smoking is still present, but you’re changing it with a substance that doesn’t create a habit of addiction and dependency on your mind. The brain is like a sponge, it’s very teachable. It’s up to you to feed your brain with better choices, even if it still means that you’re smoking. 

In this regard, however, it’s imperative to clear it out that CBD cigarette is what gives this positive effect and not hemp or marijuana in its raw state. Remember that marijuana can still get you addicted. CBD, on the other hand, can’t.


This article does not, in any way, suggest that you get head-on with smoking CBD cigarettes. Still, the best way to quit smoking is through abstinence. But, often, this is easier said than done. Choosing to smoke CBD cigarettes when the urge kicks in can help curb the further cravings for nicotine. When done responsibly, you can slowly find yourself finally waving tobacco cigars a sweet farewell. Your health will also be thanking you, if only it could speak.

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