Eat Your Way Around the World: Top Travel Destinations for Food Lovers

There’s nothing quite like falling in love with a local culinary culture.

If a city’s physical infrastructure — its architecture, sights and travel network — is its body, then its food is its soul. When enjoying a food holiday with, you’ll discover local delicacies that have a history as rich as their taste, and you’ll witness how food brings people together time after time — no matter where in the world you might be.

So let’s look at four fantastic foodie destinations: places that blend high-end cuisine with delicious street food and make the most out of local produce. If you’re looking to set off on a delicious adventure, then you’ve come to the right place.

Four Fantastic Food Adventures

  •  Barcelona

Barcelona has it all: sun, beach, gorgeous architecture, a fascinating history and a wonderful culture. Plus, it’s also a bona-fide foodie heaven.

Of course, part of the charm is the entire experience as a whole. Enjoy the bustling local markets, or sit outside any number of restaurants littered along the city’s famous La Rambla whilst enjoying neverending plates of heavenly tapas accompanied by a cold beer or a glass of wine.

Sound good? We thought so. 

Dive into crispy croquetas, spicy meatballs with a rich tomato sauce, soft potato tortillas, patatas bravas with sumptuous garlic aioli and more. 

Divinely delectable.

  •  Bangkok

Bangkok is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Thailand’s beautiful capital offers something for everyone, whether you’re a high-society culture vulture, or someone looking to let loose and explore the city’s party scene… and the food is to die for, too.

Bangkok’s smorgasbord of street food means that you’ll never have far to go if you fancy a bite to eat, and the constant sight and smells of all the different vendors will be sure to catch your attention.

Local specialities include delicious fried chicken, sweet potato balls, crispy pancakes, grilled honey roast pork, fried banana cakes, pad thai, tom yum soup and more — the list is truly endless. 

Sweet, savoury, spicy, succulent: Bangkok has it all.

  •  New York

It’s no surprise that New York is on this list. The city that never sleeps is also the city that loves to eat. With such a diverse population, the foodie scene is a modern day mish mash that has a little of everything. However, there are a few particularly notable dishes that it is renowned for.

The first is obviously pizza. Native New Yorkers will debate endlessly about the best pizza joints in town — those with sumptuous sauces, perfectly melted cheeses and crusts that are just right — but the truth of the matter is that they’re all great. 

A trip to New York would also be wasted if you didn’t pick up a hot dog from one of the many street vendors dotted around the city, while pretzels and bagels are the ideal snacks to fuel your days spent sightseeing.

  •  Paris

Last but not least, we have Paris — the ultimate foodie destination for many of you out there.

Wake up in the morning and wander along to a charming café for a morning espresso and croissant. Having spent a few hours traversing the city’s streets, you might want to sit down for a classic Parisian lunch: onion soup for starters, followed by steak-frites (and maybe even an éclair for dessert!). 

After such a hefty lunch, you might only want a light snack for dinner — how about a croque monsieur, perhaps?

As well as being home to the above classics, the modern Paris is now a multi-ethnic, multicultural mixing pot. Falafel and couscous are just as popular as duck confit and macarons, so there’s really no shortage of culinary styles to explore in this fabulous city.  

Despite boasting vastly different cuisines, Barcelona, Bangkok, New York and Paris all have one thing in common: they’re as easy on the stomach as they are on the eye. If you’re a foodie looking to book your next holiday then you can’t go wrong with any of these places. We hope you have a wonderful food adventure wherever you decide to go!

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