Most Prestigious Credit Cards Used by Millionaires

While there are those who work hard, there are also individuals who work smart. Working smart means that you are able to get the job done on time, without the need to work extra hours. Being financially smart comes in parallel with working smart because you only spend what you have and even live below your means. People who are financially smart are oftentimes the ones who reach the millionaire status, even if they are not born rich.


Being financially smart is not only spending less or living below your means. It also entails that you invest and make your money grow, as well as leverage on perks and reward points. For instance, people who are wise about money use their credit cards for their purchases, not to drown in debt, but to accumulate points and cash backs at the end. As such, here are some of the most prestigious credit cards used by millionaires.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Sapphire Reserve is also known as one of the best travel cards out in the market today. Here are some perks that the owners of this credit card get to enjoy:

  • 50000 Bonus Points. This is after you spend at least $4000 within three months after your account was opened.
  • 3X Points. After you earn a $300 travel credit, all your travel-related purchases will earn three points for every dollar spent. This is also true for your dining purchases. However, you only get to earn a point for any other purchase made. The good news is that you are free from foreign transaction fees.
  • Priority Pass. Millionaires are after all VIPS, hence it goes without saying that they get a priority pass with this credit card, as well as access to over a thousand airport lounges worldwide.

Ink Business Preferred Credit Card

Ink Business Preferred Credit Card is one of the renowned cards preferred by most business owners. It is very handy for a small business that already generates a consistent and steady revenue because with this card, they will be able to maximize their rewards, even if they don’t have a corporate credit card. Here are what owners expect to get from this card:

  • 80000 Bonus Points. This is after you spend at least $5000 within three months after your account was opened.
  • 3X Points. You get to have three points per dollar within the first $150000 that you spend on travel and business purchases on an annual basis.
  • Point per Dollar. Another perk is that you get to have a point for every dollar you spend on all other purchases you make, with no limit on the amount that you can earn.


There are two AMEX cards which are often used by millionaires. One of these is the American Express Platinum, which is also ideal for frequent travelers who have a certain airline preference when they fly out. This is because AMEX Platinum offers $200 airline fee credit and even a $100 Global Entry or TSA PreCheck Application Credit. This comes with travel insurance as well as cruise privileges. Apart from these perks, here are other benefits of an AMEX Platinum card:

  • 5X Points. As an AMEX platinum cardholder, you get to enjoy 5 points per dollar used to book a flight directly with several airlines.
  • VIP Access. As a frequent traveler, you will have access to airport lounges, as well as a platinum concierge service, including fine hotel and resorts program perks.
  • $200 Uber Credit. Apart from an airline fee credit, AMEX platinum users also get to have an Uber credit, as well as car rental damage and loss insurance.

Another AMEX card that is preferred by individuals with a high net worth is the American Express Centurion Card. This card is also known as the American Express “Black” Card, which is only granted to holders of AMEX Platinum who have charged $250000 in the previous year. Thus, it can be deemed that this card is open by invite only. Some of the perks that come with this card include a dedicated concierge and travel agent, as well as complimentary travel tickets for companions. Additionally, they also get to spend some free nights at selected hotels, as well as gain access to numerous airport clubs.

Stratus Rewards Visa

If AMEX has a black prestige card, the Stratus Rewards Visa is a prestige white card. Similarly, it is open by invitation only to a selected few individuals who have a comparably high net worth. Its membership fee is quite high at $1500 annually but for this price, cardholders get the advantages of flying in private jets or charter flights. They also have the opportunity for luxury hotel upgrades as part of their perks with using this card.

JP Morgan Chase Palladium Visa

JP Morgan Chase Palladium Visa is actually made of palladium and gold with an etching of the cardholder’s name and account number. This is only available to a limited number of individuals who have a considerably high net worth. Additionally, this card is only offered to those individuals who have a banking investment relationship with JP Morgan’s wealth management brokerage. Perhaps one of the best perks of having this card is that it doesn’t have a spending limit.

Citigroup Chairman Card

Citigroup Chairman Card is only offered to certain individuals who have a Citigroup brokerage account. If the JP Morgan Chase Palladium Visa has no spending limit, the Citigroup Chairman Card comes with a $300000 credit limit. Nevertheless, this card also offers its holders with significant perks such as a 24-hour concierge service, travel upgrades, as well as access to private airport lounges to name a few.


To wrap things up, to become a millionaire, one needs to be financially smart. This includes making tough decisions and sacrifices, especially in the beginning. You may even find yourself having a certain lifestyle change to be able to reach your financial goals such as opting to cook your food instead of dining out. Nevertheless, the rewards of financial freedom, and ultimately becoming a millionaire, is sure worth it in the end.

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