Amazing Road Trips in the USA that You Can Take on a Rental Car

When it comes to tourism, the United States offers a unique blend of climates, cities and landmarks. The diversity of this country is so vast that visiting the east coast is often a very different story from visit to the west coast, and even touristic attractions in the same state can differ greatly. The state of New York, for example, has New York City, Niagara Falls, and the Adirondacks, all of which are pretty good destinations for a trip that offer completely different things to see and do.

This is great for any traveler trying to find new horizons, but it adds an extra layer of complexity when you’re trying to visit the United States. You see, it all boils down to the great open terrains, unlike other countries, the United States has huge expanses of terrain, this means there is double the distance in between each attraction and at times this can be difficult for unexperienced travelers.

Now, US has a pretty decent transportation infrastructure, but in many cases, it’s centered around drivers, not public transport. So, one of the first things you should consider, if you want squeeze the most of your trip, is getting a set of wheels as this first option is unreliable, at best, in many places in the United States.

Getting a vehicle may seem difficult, but it’s easier than it seems, as car rentals companies are ubiquitous in the US, especially in major cities like New York, Los Angeles or Miami. Since rental cars are so readily available, the only thing you have to do is to find a way to save up on car rental services, which is also a pretty easy thing to do if you use brokers such as Miles Car Rental, these companies will help you find the lowest prices and will also help you during the reservation process.

Once you have a set of wheels, exploring the US becomes a far easier experience, and it also becomes a very different type of adventure, since you gain access to one of America’s oldest and most beloved forms of tourism: Road trips!

Now, there are many famous highways in the US, and traveling on each of them offers different types challenges and landscapes, so let’s see some of them!

  1. Route 66

Route 66, the Mother Road, America’s Main Street, it goes by many names but it is still a legend. This is where most of the US population got their kicks, ok…  dumb jokes aside, this is perhaps the most famous route in the world. It has been immortalized in songs, books, tv series and pop culture.

The famous highway began in Chicago and went all the way to Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, in all of its history this route rose to enormous popularity, declined into oblivion and was revived out of nostalgia. So, along the way you´ll see museums celebrating Route 66, and abandoned tracks with a couple of ghost towns that were deserted in the 60s. You´ll find both iconic and forgotten places, any history buff planning to travel simply can’t miss this icon!

When renting a car for Route 66 you should ideally go for a convertible, as it’s the closest you can get to do this historic trip on a classic car. Plus, you shouldn’t miss the chance of experiencing the journey with wind on your face.  

  1. The Loneliest Road

There’s is a moment where you just need to get away from everything and everyone for a while, and there is an epic journey perfect for that. The “Loneliest Road” is a coast to coast pathway along the US-50, starting from the town of Ocean City in Maryland and going all the way to Sacramento in California. 

Along this route you´ll find some of the most remote places in the USA, including the actual “loneliest road” a strip of the US-50 that crosses the Mojave Desert in Nevada and its known by many travelers as one of the most forsaken places in the country, which, paradoxically, has made it into a very popular destinations for travelers trying to prove themselves as the ultimate land traveler.

Now this journey is a little harder to pull off since you´ll be crossing a lot of desolate places, so be sure to bring a lot of food and water. Also, bring with you a way to navigate other than your phone so that you don’t get lost if your battery dies or if you run out of signal. Many rental cars come equipped with GPS, so make sure that yours have one if you’re planning to cross the desolate lands.

This road trip is a lot more challenging than others since A, you´ll be crossing the entire United States, and B, you´ll be doing so by going to some of the US most remote places. It´s indispensable that you rent a spacious and sturdy vehicle, SUVs and minivans are a good option if you’re traveling with other people. If you´re traveling by yourself consider renting a something more on the lines of a Full-Size vehicle and always remember to refuel so that you don’t get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

  1. The Great Atlantic Road trip

There are a huge variety of climates in the US, depending of the time of the year you can start your voyage in a freezing snowy landscape up in New York and end it on a tropical beach in Key West, all within the same highway: Route 1.

There is an amazing variety of places to see in this trip, including some very remarkable cities such as Washington D.C, Savannah Georgia (you must take a little detour), Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Key West.

Since this trip isn’t as difficult as others, it’s possible to embark on smaller more economic types of cars. Remember that car rental brokers can help you find a vehicle that suits your needs, and some of them even allow you to make one way trips, for example, with Miles Car Rental, you can rent a car in New York and give it back at Miami, allowing you a lot more of flexibility when it comes to planning your trip.

And there you have it, next time you want to make a trip in the US, consider hitting the road!        

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