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Based in The Netherlands, is a Dutch online booking platform which rents houses in the nature and plants a tree for each night booked through the platform. Let me explain a little bit more into detail.

What is was born from the passion for birdwatching of the two brothers, Tim and Luuk. During their college studies, they were trying to find their perfect base to pursue what they loved but they couldn’t find the perfect space in nature that could allow that. Therefore, they decided to fill in this gap in the market and to come up with the idea of This platform allows travellers to find the perfect location in nature to retreat far away from the chaos of the hectic city life.

The nature houses are of different kinds and sizes. There are tree houses, bungalows, cottages, tents, villas, family houses, everything you desire from a holiday accommodation, has it. Depending on which kind of holiday you are looking for, you can then choose the country that best fits that desire. For example, you really are looking for a place to where you can hike a lot and dive into lakes, then I would advise you to check out their Italian and Spanish log cabins supply. Or perhaps you are looking for a country where you can move especially by bike, then The Netherlands would be your first choice. Think through your goals and desires and then head over to their platform to see what they can offer you.

How does improve quality of life?

Every time someone books a night through the platform, a tree gets planted in Madagascar, Burkina Faso and Tanzania. is carefully choosing to plant trees in places where they will have a greater impact on the CO2 reduction and maintenance of a healthy ecosystem. Moreover, not only the environment will feel better but also the locals who will be able to support their families by working on their local economy and community. Their last project was to protect the natural habitat for birds migrating to Africa for shelter and food. Wouldn’t you feel better if you could contribute to such good causes only by traveling and staying in one of their accommodations? I definitely would.

Why does need to be given a try?

Imagine waking up in the middle of nature from the birds singing and the water crushing into the small rocks of the stream, which runs close to your nature house. You pull the curtains and the only thing you see is just green. Trees, fresh grass, blue sky, the sun shining. The smell of coffee in the morning is what makes you realise the day is starting and that you have so many opportunities for different adventures that you can decide to do that day. No stress, no time-bounds, no noise pollution but only pure relax and stillness. Nature is what makes us feel better with ourselves. Whenever you feel trapped or stressed, the first escape, at least for me, is traveling, and nature is one of the top destinations in my list. It can be wherever, but nature is the key ingredient to a relaxed holiday. Why don’t you try and jump into this adventure with will give you the same feeling of ‘home sweet home’ after a long trip, the only difference is that your trip has just begun.

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