Dry Herb Vapes and Airplanes

Traveling is wonderful. You get to learn about different parts of the world, and you get to experience different ways of life through new cultures and languages. However, it can be confusing sometimes!

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding travels in 2020 is whether taking a vaporizer or dry herb vapes on the airplane is legal, and whether there are any regulations to follow if so. This is a great question to ask because they’re meant to be used with dry herb – and that’s precisely where it gets complicated.

TSA Rules and Regulations About Dry Herb Vapes

Understanding TSA’s (the Transportation Security Administration’s) rules and regulations is key knowledge when preparing yourself to take a dry herb vape on a plane (or not). Here are the things you need to know about taking dry herb vapes into airports:

Vaping in the airport

Airports are very strict on their smoking laws. The vast majority of airports do not allow travelers to smoke or vape in public areas. This applies to e-liquid vapes, cigarettes, cigars, concentrate vapes, dry herb vapes, pipes, bongs, and everything else.


And though that may have made you a little anxious by just reading it, there are still many countries that have smoking rooms inside, where traveling vapers and smokers can go and take a few hits throughout their time in the airport.


But is this the same for vaping dry herb? Absolutely not. Cannabis remains classified as a 1st class drug in a huge percentage of countries, and taking a hit of dry herb vapor like Mighty in the airport could get you in some serious trouble.

Going through TSA checks with a dry herb vape

In order to board a plane, you must go through TSA checking. This is a standard security checkpoint which scans carry on luggage for explosives and weapons, hazardous material, or illegal substances, and for things which could cause damage if taken onto an airplane (despite not being one of the things mentioned).


Vaporizers could be, and sometimes are, considered a hazard for airplanes because of their reputation of exploding or catching fire unexpectedly. So, taking your vape through TSA could cause some huge disappointment, because if TSA deems your vape unsafe for flying, you could risk having to hand it over to them.

Is Taking Dry Herb Vapes On Your Air Travels Illegal?

Taking dry herb vapes in your luggage is not illegal, as long as it’s safe, and you aren’t in possession of any illegal substances (such as dry herb). However, there are some things you need to consider before traveling.

How to pack a dry herb vape for an airplane

Since you probably shouldn’t take your dry herb with you through TSA and risk losing it forever, you want to start by packing it your check-in baggage. It’s best to pack your entire suitcase, and then leave the dry herb vape for last.

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. CLEAN YOUR VAPE. It’s absolutely essential that you clean your vaporizer if you’ve ever used it. Any resin or dry herb particles can be a problem, and sniffing dogs are amazing at their job. Dry herb vaporizers aren’t illegal, but it’s best to avoid any drama.
  2. Charge your battery. There is a chance that you could be asked to show that your vaporizer is, in fact, a vaporizer, which usually requires you to turn it on, etc. So having a charged battery will be a great idea.
  3. Turn off your vaporizer and take it apart.
  4. If you still have the original packaging, you should even pack it back into it so you can secure it in place. If you don’t have the original box, you need to pack your battery and other pieces into double bags.
  5. Once you pack everything, make sure it’s easy to access the unit if you need to.

Tips for Traveling with a Dry Herb Vape

There are a few more things you need to remember before hopping onto your flight. Here they are:

  • Do not travel with dry herb or any other form of cannabis. It is illegal according to federal law.
  • Always read up about the laws of the countries you are going to regarding vaping and dry herb vaporizers.
  • Make sure to repeat this process before traveling again, since you will need to follow this advice every time you travel via airplane.
  • Always take cannabis laws seriously.

Final Thoughts

It is not illegal to carry dry herb vaporizers with you through the airport or on the plane. However, you should always make sure to do all you can to have a clean vaporizer, and to respect TSA’s rules and regulations.

Yes, it can all seem like a hassle. But getting in trouble with the TSA is much more of a hassle — and one you can avoid at that! So just try your best not to be careless, don’t carry any illegal substances with you (ever), and be respectful.

Vape on!

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