5 Easy Ways to Add Comfort to the Nursery

When you’re pregnant, it’s time to start thinking about the baby girl nursery. How are you going to make it comfortable for your little child? It isn’t as simple as throwing together a cot and mattress. Maybe you’re expecting to have a baby boy nursery on your hands?

It doesn’t matter – whether you’re expecting a girl or boy, there are many different things you need to consider in order to make your nursery as comfortable as possible. If you have no clue about what to do, don’t worry. Were going to take you through five easy ways of adding comfort.

1.  Warm blankets

The addition of an electric blanket can really help any child feel comfortable. When the temperature drops, people look towards sweaters, warm woolly socks and additional clothing to protect their children from the cold. However, none of these will warm up a nights rest. The addition of this brilliant tool can successfully warm up your child as they sleep. It can also assist any child with joint or body pain by improving the oxygen supply via the blood. We would say that it is one of the most essential comfort items were nursery.

2. A play area

This can be a late addition to a nursery, however, you’ll soon notice that you need somewhere to put baby doll nursery furniture and other small items. Draw lines of demarcation in the room by creating a play area. You may think that this is only for your benefit but researchers at top-mom have found out that organisation can actually help your child feel comfortable, especially with autistic children. You can lay down a colourful rug to spice things up a bit and we would recommend purchasing one with added padding for additional comfort.

3. Soft floor covering

When you want your little tots to roll around, you need to make sure that the floor is safe and comfortable. We would highly recommend purchasing rugs that are 100% wool. You can also go for some colourful rubber mats, especially kinds that can provide added educational value e.g. tiles that have letters on them. Make sure you do your research though as some plastics are not applicable for children because they can leach harmful odours.

4. The correct crib mattress

One of the most important pieces of baby nursery furniture is the crib and an even more important part of the group is the mattress. Before going into your local store and finding the cheapest being available, do your research and you’ll find that some mattresses just aren’t safe enough for your child. As an example, some children can get themselves stuck in the spaces between the mattress and the crib. In other cases, mattresses can be made of plastic that can leach harmful chemicals, so always go for an organic mattress. To be safe, choose hard mattresses because research has suggested that they can improve blood flow around your child’s body and prevent sudden death syndrome.

5. Keeping the changing area simple

Last but not least, you need to decide whether you want to purchase a changing table or just go for a comfortable mat that you can lay on the floor. We would advise going for the former because you won’t have to lean over and hurt your back, plus there will be additional space for you to put any necessary changing items such as ointment and nappies. It’s vital that your child is comfortable when they’re being changed, so find the softest and most hygienic pads as possible.

A comfortable baby girl nursery

Hopefully, with the tips that we’ve given you, you can create a nursery that is comfortable for your baby girl or boy. It’s worth splashing out a little more to ensure that you have safe products. Unfortunately, not every industry is highly regulated. Do some research, read reviews in order to know what you are purchasing and make decisions that bring comfort to the forefront. All the best.

What products to think of the most comfortable for a nursery? Tell us in the comment section below.

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