The Guide to Choosing the Right Camping Cookware

First, not all people camp the same way. Some of us enjoy camping by car in organized sites, while others bring a tent cot combo. Other outdoor enthusiasts simply jump into a backpack with the necessary tools and head into nature. These situations require different cookware pieces to take with you.

Camping cookware sets are generally a smart investment, since they are not excessively expensive, especially compared to how useful they are. However, try to find a balance of product characteristics because a more expensive product does not necessarily mean it is better.


Choosing the right camping cookware size is closely related to the intended use. If you go with your car, you probably don’t mind if it’s bigger because you have enough space in the trunk. As you had a chance to see, manufacturers often list the size and weight of the packaging for their product, because they know that you need to know this before buying. This way you can measure and see if it suits you or not.

Camping cookware doesn’t always come with the same number of pieces and having more pieces generally means they’re bigger and weigh more. On the other hand, backpacker kitchen sets don’t come with as many pieces to make them smaller.

Since we’re on the subject, it’s worth noting that you should choose the size of your cookware based on the size of your camping stove’s burner (if you own one). In this way, you can reduce energy loss and do everything faster. If the pot is much smaller than the burner, unnecessary heat will be lost next to it. On the other hand, if it is significantly larger, the interior content will not heat evenly and can be slow. And if you need more tips on this, The Expert Camper has got you covered.


The cookware weight depends on the number of pieces, but more on the material used in manufacturing, which we will talk about later. Weight ranges from less than one pound to more than four pounds in some games. If you have to walk from your car to the place where you plan to camp your camp for a small amount, you can buy heavier cookware. However, you don’t want to carry something like this in your bag, because it can be exhausting and cause back pain and a ruined day. So be sure to check the product information beforehand.


On the other hand, the number of different uses of one piece of cookware can outweigh the actual weight of the chosen camping cooking equipment – in a good way. A cookery unit such as a double Dutch oven makes any RV trip a definite success – use the lid as a skillet for roasting potatoes while cooking a soup within the bigger dish. This way you don’t have to bring various different cookware pieces to your journey and can make meals for bigger groups of people at the same time. The only thing to make sure is that the piece is made from a sturdy material – one that can sustain any heat.


Camping pots and pans material is mostly metal, but different types are used. They all have their ups and downs in terms of weight, usability, and durability. Most traditional camping cookware is made from aluminum. It is cheap, weighs almost nothing, and conducts heat very well. There are also some downsides. It is not particularly strong, so it can be dented and deformed quite easily. Also, when it comes into contact with certain foods it can leave a metallic taste that is not very pleasant to eat.

For this reason, manufacturers upgraded it and started using hard-anodized aluminum. It has a thick layer of rust on the surface that makes it much stronger and reduces the change of flavor in food. Most cooking utensils made from this material also have a non-stick coating, which is an additional bonus. If you are looking for a balance between weight and function, then the best camping cookware is going to be made from this material.


How long your camp cookware will last depend mainly on the materials we just discussed. Stainless steel has excellent durability and the function will not change even if treated or exposed to harsh flames. Aluminum can show signs of wear much faster, especially if it has no additional protection. It can be deformed or damaged if the heat is too strong. Non-stick coatings are not very durable if you do not do well, so pay attention. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to go over some user experiences and see how well the cookware you’re planning to buy has worked for others.


This is certainly one of the key things to think about, especially if you are traveling with little luggage. We’ve already discussed size and weight, but other things influence portability as well. Everything should be stacked well so that the available space is used optimally. Some things (for example, some handles) can be folded against the boat to save additional space. It’s also good if they can be locked in place, making the set safer when packed. In addition, some manufacturers put everything in a bag that makes it easy to transport.


The most basic camp cooking sets only include a pot with a lid and sometimes a frying pan. However, some camping cooking games will contain much more. You can get an extra pot, camping plates and bowls, or kettle. Sometimes a spatula and camping utensils are also included. This makes these sets useful because you don’t have to buy a different set of plates and utensils. You may also want a tankless water heater for RV. However, it is unnecessary for some people, so you decide if you need it.

More pots can come in handy if you have more burners on your stove, or if you want to make multiple dishes. Having a set of cups comes in handy for drinking tea or soup, and they often have extra insulation so you can hold them while they’re hot. As for the utensils, if included, the most frequent thing is that you get forks, which are a combination of a spoon and a fork, and can work as both. Some additional outdoor gear fits perfectly into the package and does not take up extra space.

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